You have to change your tires, be careful it could cost you more this year

You have to change your tires, be careful it could cost you more this year

Tires are not immune to the general rise in prices. While demand could well increase, especially with the entry into force of the mountain law on November 1, you will theoretically have no difficulty in supplying yourself. No shortage, but prices on the other hand, which have risen sharply.

Do not panic, the out of stock that some feared will not take place. However, changing your tires could well cost you even more this year.

The international context of the war in Ukraine was indeed causing many concerns in the world of pneumatics, as recalled this Thursday, September 29 by UFC Que Choisir. If finally, solutions have been found to supply the points of sale, it will be necessary to pay a little more this year.

Especially since more motorists are turning to 4-season tires, compatible with the mountain law, which comes into force on November 1 and which requires citizens of 48 departments to drive with tires or devices adapted to traffic on the snow.

As the specialist magazine L’Automobile points out, the sale of 4-season tires has indeed jumped 35% this year, while sales of the other categories of tires are rather down. But whatever the tire category, the price does not drop.

Increases in all categories

Indeed, according to Que Choisir, quoting the comparator Quelpneu, the price of an average tire has increased by 17% this year compared to 2019. The largest models, which are fitted in particular to SUV-type vehicles, have increased by more 12% and tires for small cars (size 175/65 R14) jumped by more than 26%!

If we take the average, for L’Automobile magazine, the average price went from €88 in March 2022 to €102 in July 2022. While the war in Ukraine and the rise in energy prices are partly responsible for these sharp price increases, they are, on the other hand, following a trend that began earlier. In 2021 alone, the average tire price had fallen from 68 euros to 79 euros between the beginning and the end of the year.

As a result, noted in particular on the side of Euromaster, questioned by the UFC, customers tend to abandon premium tires in favor of entry-level tires. A trend that is no doubt true in many consumer sectors hit by inflation.

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