World Cup 2022:

World Cup 2022: “Take your phone, you can take a picture with Messi if you want”, the incredible talk of Hervé Renard

The French coach gave an already memorable speech. Led at the break, his players ended up winning. Great art.

It’s a talk that will surely go down in the annals of the World Cup and will feed future training courses all over France.

At the Argentina-Saudi Arabia half-time, Hervé Renard was able to galvanize his troops, who were trailing 1-0 at that time of the game. Before convincing his Saudi players that they could do it and get back in the game, the French coach struck a few well-felt spades.

“Take your phone, you can take a picture of Messi if you want,” yelled the technician in the locker room to tell everyone that we had to move on for the next 45 minutes. Message received five out of five.

During the second act, no one saw the Albiceleste and PSG playmaker anymore. And Saudi Arabia ended up winning 2-1. Great art.

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