What a trip festival: Grégoire Eloy, president of the jury, awaits films in the singularity competition

What a trip festival: Grégoire Eloy, president of the jury, awaits films in the singularity competition

The 6th edition of the What a trip international adventure travel film festival is in full swing between the village of Peyrou and the Salle Rabelais, where the films are screened, until Sunday. Grégoire Eloy, documentary photographer and president of the jury expects a lot from the screenings.

You are the winner of the Niepce prize, can you describe your work?

I am a documentary photographer. The Niepce prize rewarded my career. I work on long subjects, out of the news, by cycle. The former Soviet Union, the legacy of the country’s satellites, the forgotten conflicts in the South Caucasus, the drying up of the Aral Sea, the new borders of Europe, etc. I also work with scientists on the science of matter. In the Pyrenees with glaciologists. I try to understand the approach of these scientists and translate it into photography. Since 2015 I have been working on the environment. I immerse myself in nature.

What do you expect from the films you are going to judge?

I have already been on a jury for photography, but not for films. This is a first and a great responsibility. This festival includes two words: film and adventure, therefore two commitments. In fact, the quest for meaning. You have to inspire the public, change things. Films have this mission. The subject, the meaning, the way it is filmed and produced. We need a singularity of the story told. In the end, you obviously have to be touched by what you see. And in the jury, still agree on objective criteria.

You are not necessarily looking for the postcard…

Absolutely. Today, we tend to simplify the world in which we live, which is nevertheless complex, through images. Films must be, even at the expense of accessibility. We must return to this effort to understand, to project ourselves in order to bring reflection. We have to ask ourselves these questions every day. As soon as you take a plane, your car. What is the meaning ? I wouldn’t have said the same ten years ago.

Yesterday there was the youth climate march, is it important?

Young and old besides! Commitment is at all levels, in everyday life, in films, etc. It’s not just political. I engage in some photography, it’s a choice I make and it’s worth it.

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