Bayonetta 3 Finally Gets A Release Date

Bayonetta 3 Finally Gets A Release Date

Bayonetta 3 is releasing this year, on October 28th.

This upcoming December would mark the 5th anniversary of its reveal at the 2017 Game Awards, that initial announcement happening nearly four years after the release of Bayonetta 2.

In this third installment, Bayonetta will be teaming up with her fellow Umbra Witches to face a new threat, the Homunculi.

The game will allow players to also take control of a new character, Viola, as well as giving Bayonetta new abilities such as Demon Masquerade

But that’s not all! A collector’s edition of the game, called the Trinity Masquerade edition, will be available for diehard fans

In what might be the most amusing news to come out of this announcement is the game’s “Naive Angel Mode.”

Bayonetta is well known outside of the games’ playbase to the wider community thanks majorly in part to its… risque nature.

But fret not, all you prude gamers out there. The Naive Angel Mode, AKA the horny police, is here to help.

With Naive Angel Mode turned on, many of the game’s scantily clad characters, includings Bayonetta herself, will be provided a few more scraps of cloth to cover up their most sensitive areas.

If only we had Naive Angel Mode for all the sex scenes in movies while watching with your parents.  Think of all the internal trauma that could have been avoided.