Weather at Christmas: rain, sunny spells, frost... what weather awaits you for the end of the year celebrations?

Weather at Christmas: rain, sunny spells, frost… what weather awaits you for the end of the year celebrations?

We now know what to expect for the holidays! The Weather Channel has published its forecast for the next 4 weeks. Until January, the site announces a lot of mildness and beautiful clearings, although the arrival of winter is responsible for an overall cooling of temperatures.

In between frosts, sun and humiditywhat weather will we have for the holidays ? The Weather Channel has shared its forecast for the next 4 weeks, counting on the presence of a strong anticyclone a good part of the month.

End of bad weather, general freshness

Since the November 28th, bad weather will calm down across the country. Whether A few showers will sweep the hexagon, they will remain light and transient. These scattered episodes will decrease over the days, to finally disappear completely at the end of the week.

This greyness will cause a drop in temperatures, which will soon drop to normal for the season. For the mornings, the Weather Channel anticipates the presence of low clouds and some frostdriven by this humidity and the onset of cold. These episodes foggy should not last the afternoons.

Here is your updated 4-week trend. What weather awaits you until #Noel ???

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) November 24, 2022

The air will eventually become more secthanks to the arrival of a anticyclone, straight from Scandinavian countries.

Humidity in the East, first frosts

With the winter cold will come his characteristic humidity. On the edge of the anticyclone overhanging the European continentthe Chain is planning some depressionsin particular towards the Mediterranean. As the temperatures decrease, they will even drop below seasonal norms, up to -2°C below.

To west, going towards the Atlantic, the weather will be more sec. There will also be the colder. In the East, on the contrary, the humidity will cause the first snowfallat lower altitudes.

Risk of snowfall at low altitude

From the mid-December, the South will allow itself to be won over some disturbances. Conflicts between the Mediterranean mildness and the cold in the north of the country are likely to lead to severe weather. The cold could turn these accumulations into snowfallthe first for southern and central regions.

The drop in temperatures seems confirmed for the start #decemberwith the arrival of #cold. But uncertainties persist: between the risk of #snow or dry cold, here’s what to expect?

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) November 24, 2022

The Weather Channel qualifies all the same, because predicting the weather with precision over such long periods is the responsibility of a margin of error. If these forecasts are correct, it is possible that the regions mentioned will experience quite significant fallseven in plaine.

Warm spells and dry weather for the holidays?

For the Christmas vacation, the site indicates that the frosts will be numerous and widespread throughout the country. Afternoons should be sunny, especially in the mountains. If the temperatures will remain on normal seasonmilder weather is likely to encompass the entire Christmas time.

If it happens that the mercury drops a lot per period, it will be neither in a systematic way, nor in a global way throughout France, which should benefit from a thaw for the end of December.

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