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War in Ukraine: new bombardments on many cities this Monday morning

Rescue workers in front of an apartment building hit by a deadly strike, in Zaporizhia, Ukraine on October 9, 2022. (©AFP/Maryna Moiseyenko)

“Many towns” were bombed in Ukraine Monday, October 10, 2022 morning according to the presidency. The capital Kiev had been targeted by the first strikes for more than three months. President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks for his part of the dead and wounded in these bombardments.

In kyiv, a journalist from l’AFP saw many ambulances in the city center heading for the scene where three loud explosions were heard at around 0815 local time (0515 GMT). Large plumes of black smoke were visible. Two new explosions then sounded. The last strike on kyiv dated back to June 26.

The Kremlin has announced that Vladimir Putin is convening its security council on Monday, which brings together the main ministers, political leaders and representatives of the Russian security services and army.

Bridge to Crimea partially destroyed

On Sunday, Mr. Putin accused kyiv of having organized the explosion which partially destroyed the Crimean bridge linking Russia to the annexed peninsula on Saturday, citing a “terrorist act”.

Car and rail traffic was hours after the blast that killed three people and was attributed by Russian authorities to a truck bomb. The explosion on this bridge inaugurated by Mr. Putin in 2018 and symbol of the annexation of Crimea in 2014 constitutes a new setback for Russia at a time when its forces are in difficulty in Ukraine.

“The perpetrators, performers and sponsors are the Ukrainian secret services,” Putin assured after a meeting with the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, according to a video released by the Kremlin. “There is no doubt that this is a terrorist act aimed at destroying critical Russian civilian infrastructure.”

A Crimea “without occupants”.

kyiv has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement. President Volodymyr Zelensky was content to quip in a video about the “cloudy” weather on Saturday in Crimea – a likely allusion to the smoke from the fire – “although it was also hot there”. He promised in the same video a Crimea “without occupants”.

Mr Zelensky also called the Russian military “terrorists”, after strikes on apartment buildings in Zaporizhia, a city in southern Ukraine, which left at least 13 dead and 89 injured, three days after previous bombings that killed 17 people there.

Fire on the bridge linking Russia to annexed Crimea, after the explosion of a truck, October 8, 2022.
Fire on the bridge linking Russia to annexed Crimea, after the explosion of a truck, October 8, 2022. (©AFP/-)

” Pure evil “

” Any sense. Absolute evil. Terrorists and savages. From the one who gave this order to the one who carried it out,” the Ukrainian president wrote on his Telegram account.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, four cruise missiles, two missiles fired from fighter jets and other anti-aircraft type missiles were used against the city.

The Russian army said on Sunday that it had carried out strikes with “high-precision weapons” against units of “foreign mercenaries” in the region.

Not far from there, the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, was reconnected to the electricity grid on Sunday.

Bombed out monastery

In addition, the Russian security services (FSB) denounced on Sunday a “considerable increase” in Ukrainian fire targeting Russian territories bordering Ukraine, in which according to them one person was killed and five were injured during the past week.

The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, accused Ukrainian forces on Sunday of having bombed the Gornalski Saint Nicholas monastery on the border between the two countries, without causing any casualties.

Reopening of the Crimean Bridge after its explosion.
Reopening of the Crimean Bridge after its explosion. (©AFP/)

Source : © 2022 AFP

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