War in Ukraine: Marine Le Pen no longer wants France to deliver Caesar guns to kyiv

War in Ukraine: Marine Le Pen no longer wants France to deliver Caesar guns to kyiv

France should stop delivering Caesar cannons to Ukraine because it cannot “help Ukraine (…) to the detriment of (its) own security,” Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday. Asked on CNews whether Paris should stop delivering Caesar guns to kyiv, the leader of the National Rally deputies, reputed to be close to Moscow, replied “Yes, I believe so”.

Eighteen Caesar guns, flagship of French artillery, with a range of 40 km, have been sent to Ukraine and six others could follow soon.

“Helping Ukraine as much as we can is honorable but we cannot do it at the expense of our own security, the security of our own people,” the far-right official said.

Marine Le Pen wishes instead to transmit training and bulletproof vests

“All the equipment that we are transferring to Ukraine today is equipment that France lacks”, and “delivering heavy equipment, which our armies need, is to weaken and take a risk on our security interior,” she added. However, she said she was in favor of “transmitting know-how, training, protective equipment, bulletproof vests” to the Ukrainian army.

VIDEO. “It’s an extremely effective weapon”: France delivers 12 Caesar guns to Ukraine

To conclude, Marine Le Pen considers that “we are not in a position, it seems, today, to wage (war) up to the level of efficiency which should be that of our army, of its knowledge -to do, of his human capacities”.

Since the beginning of the conflict, France has provided 18 Caesar guns of 155 mm with a range of 40 km, mounted on trucks (the centerpiece of French artillery), anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, forward- armored vehicle, fuel, individual equipment and around fifteen 155 mm TRF1 towed guns to Ukraine.

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