War in Ukraine: kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro… what we know about the series of bombings this Monday

War in Ukraine: kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro… what we know about the series of bombings this Monday

On the 229th day of war in Ukraine, “they are trying to destroy us and erase us from the face of the earth”, thunders on Telegram Volodymyr Zelensky, targeting the Russian army. Several Ukrainian cities were targeted by bombardments overnight from Sunday to Monday as well as this Monday morning. The Ukrainian president accuses Russia of targeting both energy infrastructure and civilians, and several deaths have also been recorded. A total of 75 missiles were reportedly fired.

At midday, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed with ordered massive strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure. He also promised “severe” responses in the event of attacks against Russia, two days after the explosions on the Crimean bridge. We take stock.

kyiv hit for the first time since June 26

Several loud explosions were heard in the center of kyiv, several journalists noted and reported on social networks. The first explosions, three or four in number, took place around 8:15 a.m. local time (7:15 a.m. in France). The air alert sirens had sounded several tens of minutes before the detonations.

Several large plumes of black smoke were visible at different locations in the city in videos posted on social media. Many ambulances headed for the scene of the explosions, in the city center and near the government district. “What makes Ukraine strong is the resilience of its people. But when we see that a park where children regularly play has been targeted, for example, we realize how much the inhabitants are going to have to be very suspicious, ”points out General Dominique Trinquand.

On Telegram, the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko indicated that “all the services” of security and relief were mobilized and he called on the population to stay safe. At least two other explosions were heard later in the morning.

A first assessment transmitted by the Ukrainian police reports at least 5 dead and 12 wounded. The Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, accused “Russian terrorists (…) without dignity or honor” of being the perpetrators of these attacks. The last strike on kyiv took place on June 26.

Zaporizhia bombarded again

Homes in Zaporizhia were bombed overnight from Sunday to Monday, for the third night in a row. Seven missiles fell, killing at least one and injuring five. A residential building was partly destroyed, raising fears of a heavy toll, according to Oleksandre Staroukh, the regional governor. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, at least 13 people were killed and 89 were injured.

Dnipro, Lviv…

Other cities, such as Dnipro in the center-east and Lviv in the west, were also targeted by shelling, according to local authorities and images posted on social media.

“Strikes on energy infrastructure in the Lviv region have been recorded,” regional governor Maxim Kozitsky said on Telegram, calling on residents “to stay in shelters” in the face of “the threat of new attacks”.

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