War in Ukraine: embarrassing slip, Boris Johnson salutes an "inspiring leader" and quotes... Putin

War in Ukraine: embarrassing slip, Boris Johnson salutes an “inspiring leader” and quotes… Putin

Wanting to pay tribute to the Ukrainian people and their leader, the former British leader Boris Johnson praised the actions of the … Russian president.

He is no longer the British Prime Minister but he still manages to get people talking about him. Boris Johnson spoke on Thursday, September 22 on the situation in Ukraine, saying in particular that the United Kingdom should continue to support the country of Volomydyr Zelensky.

During his speech, the former leader wanted to salute the strength and actions of the latter since the beginning of the conflict. And to underline the recent counter-offensive, the success and “the heroism of the Ukrainian forces”.

Mistake on the person

Except that by evoking an “inspiring leader”, Boris Johnson got tangled up with a slip that has not escaped anyone. He quoted Vladimir Poutine.

Boris Johnson pays tribute to the “inspirational leadership of Vladimir Putin” before correcting himself and saying Volodymyr Zelensky… pic.twitter.com/2ubAOBiyJz

— Richard Wheeler (@richard_kaputt) September 22, 2022

But he immediately corrected his mistake by quoting the Ukrainian president and indicating that the Russian forces “are under constant pressure in Kherson, in the south, and I am sure that the Ukrainians will win”, a- he added. During his second speech since his resignation from parliament in favor of Liz Truss, he insisted on the need for the United Kingdom to prepare to “help more militarily” and “economically” Kyiv.

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