War against Ukraine: That's the situation

War against Ukraine: That’s the situation

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy supply primarily hit civilians. Several people are killed in Russian shelling of Cherson. The news at a glance.

Nine months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation for the civilian population is becoming increasingly desperate in the face of Russian attacks and wintry temperatures. After massive attacks by Russia and power and water supply failures, repair work was in full swing – but the situation remained extremely tense on Thursday.

Deputy head of the presidential office Kyrylo Tymoshenko said Ukraine’s power grid is intact again. However, he did not specify how many households were supplied with electricity again after the blackouts of the previous day. Not only the network was affected by the attacks, but above all the important substations.

The state-owned nuclear company Enerhoatom announced that it would bring the nuclear power plants responsible for power generation back online in the evening. Several nuclear power plants had switched off automatically in the course of the attacks.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and since then has severely destroyed many places. Tens of thousands of people were killed. An end to the war, which Moscow initially hoped to win quickly, is not in sight.

Water supply restored in Kyiv

In addition to the widespread failure of the power supply, there was no drinking water in many places as a result of the Russian attacks. At times, the water supply in Kyiv completely collapsed. It was restored on Thursday – but it will take a while for the line system to work at full capacity again, said Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

According to Kiev, the Russian military shot down around 70 rockets and drones on Ukraine on Wednesday. As in the previous attacks, the targets were primarily objects in the energy sector. According to the Air Force, 51 missiles and 5 drones were intercepted. But the remaining missiles killed ten people, including a baby.

Cherson reports four dead after Russian shelling

According to regional authorities, Russian shelling of the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson killed seven people and injured around 20. The city, which was only recently occupied by Ukrainian troops, had been shelled with artillery and multiple rocket launchers, said regional governor Yaroslav Yanushevych. A high-rise caught fire as a result of the shelling. A bullet hit a children’s playground. “Today is another terrible page in the history of our hero city,” the governor wrote on Telegram. The first reports had spoken of four dead.

General Surovikin notorious for attacking civilians

The commander of Russian troops in Ukraine, General Sergey Surovikin, was already notorious for attacking civilian targets to weaken his opponents when he was in Syria. Following his appointment in Ukraine in early October, attacks on the country’s critical infrastructure have become a staple of Russian warfare.

Moscow admits civilian suffering from its attacks

The Kremlin openly admitted that the Russian attacks are hitting civilians hard. The Ukrainian leadership can easily end the suffering of the civilian population by “fulfilling the demands of the Russian side,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Incidentally, Russia is not shelling any facilities that are important for the common good, Peskov claimed. “There were no hits on social objects and there aren’t,” said the spokesman, despite the destruction of hospitals, schools and homes.

Russia’s UN ambassador wants to use bombs to force Kyiv to be realistic

Moscow’s UN ambassador Wassili Nebensja didn’t mince his words either. Russia will continue to decimate Ukraine’s military potential until Kyiv takes a “realistic stance” on negotiations, Nebensia said at the Security Council in New York. The attacks on infrastructure are the answer “to the country being pumped full of Western weapons and the unwise calls for Kyiv to achieve a military victory over Russia,” he said. Ukraine demands the withdrawal of all Russian troops.

Warsaw: German Patriots held to Poland in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the government in Poland let German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht appear. Warsaw proposed to deploy in western Ukraine an American Patriot anti-aircraft system offered by Germany for the air defense of Poland. This is a good proposal to protect “the western Ukrainian-Polish border area and the eastern Polish-Ukrainian border area,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Kyiv, which is calling for more weapons to defend against air strikes, welcomed the initiative. However, Lambrecht (SPD) and her Polish colleague Mariusz Blaszczak had agreed that the system should be stationed in Poland after two civilians were killed by a rocket last week in the Polish border area with Ukraine.

Lambrecht said in Berlin that the Patriots are part of NATO’s integrated air defense and intended for NATO territory. Should they be deployed outside of NATO territory, this must be discussed with NATO and the Allies beforehand.

EU Parliament approves billions in loans for Ukraine

The EU Parliament has approved plans for new billions in loans of up to 18 billion euros for Ukraine. According to a proposal by the EU Commission, the loan is subject to conditions. In return, Ukraine should fight corruption more vigorously and initiate judicial reforms. The Council of Member States still has to unanimously approve the loan in December. Since the beginning of the war, the EU and the member states have reportedly supported Ukraine with 19.7 billion euros.


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