VIVE Mars CamTrack integrates with Aximmetry. What will come of it?

HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack starts cooperation with Aximmetry. This will have a positive impact on the development and availability of live broadcasts using the virtual production technique. The combination of VIVE hardware and Aximmetry software and its benefits will be officially presented on September 9-12 at the IBC 2022 trade show in Amsterdam.

VIVE Mars CamTrack is a breakthrough virtual production tool in a compact, modular Plug-and-Play solution. It allows you to produce at a professional level, while greatly simplifying the entire complex production process, while simultaneously tracking the position of multiple cameras. Recall that recently, the FreeD protocol direct support function was added to the solution, which is an additional option, apart from the also supported Unreal’s Live Link.

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Aximmetry is an industry leader whose solutions popularize real-time graphics rendering in the TV broadcasting and entertainment industries. The user-friendly software delivers amazing results. It features an industry-standard color keying module for blue / green screen / box techniques, and integrates with the Unreal Engine. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, the Aximmetry solution works for virtual production as a kind of “studio glue” ensuring a high level of interaction and control
in real time, even when creating complex scenes.

When VIVE Mars CamTrack and Aximmetra join forces, something exciting emerges that allows us to push the boundaries of virtual production. Virtual production has never been more affordable than it is now. The easy-to-use yet feature-rich Aximmetry software, coupled with the compactness and power of VIVE Mars CamTrack, are powerful tools in the hands of the creator. The times when advanced production was the domain of large budgets are a thing of the past. Today, high-performance virtual production equipment fits in a backpack.”Said Raymond Pao, vice president, HTC VIVE.

We are glad that by standing in line with VIVE Mars CamTrack, we can really implement the idea behind Aximmetra’s creation of the availability of virtual production, regardless of the wealth of the portfolio. We are excited that such a popular virtual reality platform as HTC VIVE has decided to seriously engage in the TV broadcasting market. This opens up the opportunity to offer the budget-friendly complete suite of solutions needed for virtual production for everyone. “
Said Zsolt Peter, president of Aximmetra

VIVE Mars CamTrack significantly simplifies the configuration of devices and preparation for virtual production, thus reducing the total time and cost of the production process. It uses technology of precise tracking with an accuracy to fractions of a millimeter based on base stations. Thanks to this, the solution reduces the complicated and complex process to the size of one box. VIVE Mars CamTrack provides ease and precision in tracking the position of the camera at the same time.

Highlights of VIVE Mars CamTrack and Aximmetry:

  • Multi-cam tracking – allowing you to track the position of up to three cameras simultaneously.
  • High tracking precision thanks to VIVE Tracker sensors.
  • Automation of lens offset and distortion calibration.
  • Compatibility with lens encoders, giving the possibility to change the depth of field as in traditional film cameras.
  • Compatible with the Plug and Play standard, no external software required.
  • One-touch reset to original settings.
  • Genlock synchronization with UE LiveLink, ensuring synchronization between real and virtual actors.
  • Professional cabling to minimize delays and interference.
  • Top-quality real-time visual compositing tools such as adding lighting effects, reflections and shadows, and interactions between virtual
    and actual scene elements.
  • Industry standard Aximmetry color key module.
  • Advanced XR solutions – Extended Reality.
  • “Studio glue” for TV broadcasts that bonds virtual productions thanks to the easy integration of a wide range of devices.

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