Violence against women: MP Julien Bayou

Violence against women: MP Julien Bayou “withdrawn” from the co-presidency of the environmental group in the Assembly

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Deputy Julien Bayou will step back from his post as co-president of the environmental group within the National Assembly. The boss of EELV is the subject of a report for domestic violence to an internal body of the party.

The ecologist deputy Julien Bayou will step down from his post as co-president of the ecologist group in the National Assembly, according to information from France Info. The deputy would have proposed it himself this Tuesday, during a meeting of the group.

“The environmental group takes women’s voices and the subject of violence against women very seriously,” the environmentalists said in a statement. This “withdrawal” “is not worth resignation” and was decided “without predicting the conclusions of this affair and to ensure the serenity of the return to parliament”, they add.

Sandrine Rousseau had indeed accused Monday Julien Bayou, national secretary of EELV, of “behavior likely to break the moral health of women”. She said that she “received for a long time” at her home a “very depressed” ex-girlfriend of Julien Bayou. The eco-feminist assured that “they are obviously several” to be concerned by these behaviors, evoking an “ongoing journalistic investigation”.

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The number 2 of the Greens Sandra Regol argued that Julien Bayou was already observing a period of withdrawal pending the conclusions of the internal cell. Mr. Bayou nevertheless delivered the back-to-school speech and then held a press briefing at the party’s summer days in Grenoble at the end of August.

Towards a suspension of the deputy?

After a meeting of the environmental group at the National Assembly devoted in part to nothing less than its co-president, EELV dismissed the idea that its internal cell on sexual violence and harassment, “seized in July 2022 for a report concerning Julien Bayou”, is too slow. The elected EELV Marine Tondelier, who should run for the head of the party in the coming months, explained to AFP: “These people are volunteers and work on matters that are by definition sensitive, which requires time and calm to collect the floor and take the necessary decisions”. And Marine Tondelier to indicate that if the members of the cell had thought it necessary, “they would have had all the latitude to suspend” Julien Bayou.

In addition, Marine Tondelier estimated: “This kind of business cannot be settled in the press, including to protect women who speak”, but through “an independent cell”. “When they are brought to its attention, EELV will follow the recommendations of the cell”, promised the party.

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