Vikings shake off Sunday's beating with comeback against Patriots;  follow second in NFC

Vikings shake off Sunday’s beating with comeback against Patriots; follow second in NFC

COn a 10-point run in the fourth quarter, the Minnesota Vikings they went back home to the New England Patriots 26-33 in the duel that closed the day of Thanksgiving Day of Week 12 of the NFL.

The result was crucial for the Vikings, as just Sunday they were beaten at home by the Dallas Cowboys and, with their triumph, they remain as the second seed of the NFCwith a 9-2 mark and practically already secured the title of the NFC North, because they have five games of advantage over the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packerswho have a mediocre 4-7.

Kirk Cousins he had a completely different game than Sunday, completing 30 of 37 passes for 299 yards, with three touchdown passes and one interception. Also, in the third quarter, Kene Nwangwu a 97-yard kickoff return was sent, to tie the game at 23 points at that time, after a score by the Patriots.

However, the figures of the meeting were the receivers of the Vikings, who were missing on Sunday: Justin Jefferson he completed nine passes for 139 yards, his longest for 37 yards, and a score. While Adam Thielen he had another 61 yards on nine receptions and another score.

Mac Jones, also had a good game, completing 28 of 39 passes for 382 yards and two scores. However, on the ground they only contributed 45 yards and DeVante Parker he only had four receptions for 80 yards.

The Bills continue to lag in the AFC Eastafter that first thing in the morning, the Buffalo Bills they defeated in the last play of the game the Detroit Lions and went to an 8-3 mark, while the team from Bill Belichick it is at the bottom of the Division at 6-5.

The duel where a student was finally able to beat Belichick

Vikings first-year coach Kevin O’Connellcoming from the long Belichick family tree, managed to beat his teacher tonight, something that had only happened with Bill O’Brien in charge of the Texans and with Matt Patricia in charge of the Detroit Lions. However, Belichick has spoken respectfully of the Vikings’ new coach:

He did a great job and quickly rose through the coaching ranks. Based on the way the Vikings are playing this year, you can see why he’s done it. he was a smart kid.

Bill Belichick

For his part, O’Conell recalled: “I still have old notebooks with team meeting notes and things like that which are always great to go back and review.”

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