[VIDEO] Montpellier: Justine Blue, musician made in Clapas who sings with accents from the bayou of Louisiana

[VIDEO] Montpellier: Justine Blue, musician made in Clapas who sings with accents from the bayou of Louisiana

The young artist from Montpellier, both author, composer and performer, has just released a very successful first self-produced album, entitled “True”.

The cup of tea cools slowly. Sitting at the table of a downtown brasserie, Justine Gerland, who chose to be called Blue for the music scene she has been exploring for a few years now, breathes out words chosen to evoke her first album.

In eleven original titles – plus two covers – the author, composer and performer from Montpellier flaunts an already ripe talent. “I decided to get into music after studying microbiology in Montpellier where I have been living for sixteen years now.” A choice of life as much as desire. “I used to sing a lot, from an early age.”

From streets to streets, from bars to bars

Still young in her thirties, Justine retraces a career built, above all, on the stage. “I played in groups, I went to meet musicians in town. At the time, before 2010, people were still playing a lot in the streets and squares of Montpellier.”

Then came the decisive encounter with Geoffroy Bruneau, an accomplished musician from Montpellier. “I met him when he was playing funk, blues in the street. I loved it! He was very cool. I performed with him for three years.”

From 2013, from streets to streets, from bars to bars, Justine cultivates a taste for texts in English while strumming a little guitar as an autodidact. “I have always been fascinated by the culture of the United States.”

“We are here to share on stage”

Baptized True (Truth), Justine Blue’s first album was self-produced with crowdfunding and then recorded, over a period of almost two years, at the Minimoon studios in Montpellier and Mirador sound in Corconne in the Gard. The result: thirteen titles (including eleven originals) which sound wonderfully blues and rock (what musicians!). With, in addition, the literally inhabited voice of the singer. “We are here to share on stage, dance, travel.” Because, of course, if it is listened to, Justine’s music is also watched… in concert.

The moment arrives when the singer and musician knows she is ready to write and compose. “The last two years especially leading up to this album. I tend to twist covers so much that I thought I might as well sing my own stuff.”

Quoting the Californian group of the seventies Little Feat as the singer Chris Bergson – “I like it a lot” – Justine Blue was able to sow two covers over the course of her album. Including a very personal Yellow moon. “I love the Neville Brothers.” A little bayou in Montpellier we tell you.


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