[VIDEO] MHR-Pau: "Centre, it's more physical, harder, more boring (laughs)", Paolo Garbisi confides in his repositioning

[VIDEO] MHR-Pau: “Centre, it’s more physical, harder, more boring (laughs)”, Paolo Garbisi confides in his repositioning

The usual Italian opening half of the MHR Paolo Garbisi (22 years old) shines in the center at the start of the season. A change of position that the player seems to appreciate, while recalling that he prefers to play opener.

From opener to first center, there is only one pass. Number 10 holder last season, Paolo Garbisi saw the staff shift him up a notch at the start of the season. The arrival of Louis Carbonel and the many injuries of the Montpellier centers (Serfontein, Doumayrou, Vincent) are the reason. A change in player taste? Answer.

So this number 12, did you get attached to it?

I was sure you would ask me this question. First, I feel like an opener. 10 is my post. My performances, I think, are better in 10. But now the team needs me in number 12 compared to the number of injuries we have. I’m still happy to play in this position that I discover. I try to help the team as much as possible, especially with communication. I know how important she is. I do the max. Afterwards, on the whole, we can say that it is going well.

What are the differences between 10 and 12?

Given the way we play, it’s more physical, harder, even more boring (laughs). But it’s the Top 14, it’s physical, you have to hang on. In 12, you keep the ball more. But overall, it’s also good to discover this position because it brings solutions to the foot, especially when there is Carbo (Louis Carbonel), Louis Foursans or Anthony Bouthier. It hinders the defense.

Jean-Baptiste Elissalde says that you touch 30% of the ball in the opener position when you play center, how do you organize yourself on the ground with the openers?

Sometimes it’s expected. Often it’s a matter of feeling. The problem you can have with two number 10s is that they can get in the way. Already, if we manage not to bother each other, that’s good. We learn to work together as best we can to help the team. And if we get there, it’s because we’ve already taken a step.

And if Thomas Darmon plays, that’s still a number 10 on the pitch…

Ah, that would be madness (laughs).

You do not stumble at the start of the season. Does this allow you to concentrate on your new role, to be relieved of a certain responsibility?

Yes, of course. Afterwards, I’m still in charge of the kick-off or the right-hand penalties. That’s what’s really good between us. We share things, we manage responsibilities together. So far, it’s been pretty good, I think. Although we can always do better.

“He could even play at the back if he wanted to”

Jean-Baptiste Elissaldethe MHR coach, slipped a few words against his Italian opening half, whom he repositioned in the middle: “We didn’t do that badly because with the injuries, we finds himself in the same position as last year when we never had Arthur Vincent, Jan Serfontein and Geoffrey Doumayrou absent at the same time. It does not change much for Paolo, he begins to take his bearings and still touches 30 % of openers. Now he is working on his relationships with the different 10s and 13s around him. I even think he could help out at the back. The goal? With the arrival of high-level players, everyone increases his goalscoring percentage in training is good.

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