[VIDEO] For the release of its 7th disc, the Hérault group Red Beans will send Pepper sauce to Zinga Zanga!

[VIDEO] For the release of its 7th disc, the Hérault group Red Beans will send Pepper sauce to Zinga Zanga!

Energetic blues-rock group from Hérault, half from Biterrois, half from Montpellier, Red Beans & Pepper Sauce are celebrating the release of their new album with a concert on September 29 at Zinga Zanga in Béziers.

Laurent Galichon has not seen red since yesterday. But from 2010. Bewitched as a kid by the six-string incantations of Jimi Hendrix, and inspired by the guitar heroes of the classic age, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and others, the Biterrois threw himself into the smoky water (the one of Deep Purple, another major influence) and put together his band: Red Beans and Pepper Sauce. In English, it sounds better: Red Beans & Pepper Sauce. In reference to the basic dish of Tex-Mex cuisine, and therefore to southern rock, to which his music is obviously similar in its modernist variant, not earthy but “buttshake”, in other words groovy to take the mud off your behind !

But the Red Beans sound also owes much to the blues-rock of Blue Pills and the heavy soul of the Tedeschi Trucks Band with whom Red Beans shares the belief that women make a difference on the mic too. His weapon of massive seduction, and of combustion too, Laurent Galichon found it with Jessyka Aké, which radiates and burns better and better!

It goes without saying that he himself also understands when it comes to pyromania: an excellent guitarist, he chops up riffs with style, sculpts solos with taste and never forgets that heroic exercise is never more jubilant than thought out, measured and varied.

The arrival in the group of Niko Sarran has undoubtedly also helped Red Beans to take a step forward. In addition to being experienced in all grooves, rhythms, patterns, he also masters all the subtleties of the studio. Director of the new album “7”, as of the previous “Red”, in 2018, he recorded eight tracks in his Rythm Design studio and convinced the gang to go and capture three additional ones at Rockfield studios, in Wales, a prestigious albeit country address where people as varied as Queen, Dr Feelgood, Oasis or Opeth have given their best.

Spread over two slabs, the result is on the first of great acoustic and technical sophistication, and on the second (captured live), of a beautiful organic frankness. With, in the middle, a cover of Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin: all in threatening restraint, set with a superb chorus of Floydian keyboard before the up-tempo cover, and the guitar solo at the triple gallop that it demands. Had to dare. They dared. Without blushing, if not with pleasure. Shared pleasure.

Concert, meeting and signings on Thursday September 29 from 8 p.m., at Zinga Zanga, Traverse de Colombiers, Béziers. FREE ENTRANCE !

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