[VIDEO] Carcassonne: the thwarted pas de deux from the Galerie Chorégraphique to La Conte

[VIDEO] Carcassonne: the thwarted pas de deux from the Galerie Chorégraphique to La Conte

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For five years, the Galerie Chorégraphique, an association that welcomes artists in residence and works to promote dance to various audiences, has dreamed of settling in the Cité La Conte, in Carcassonne, where it has been working since 2011. , alongside the population, and in particular the children of the neighborhood. But this desire comes up against a wall, in the literal sense: the apartment she coveted, unoccupied, has been condemned. For its part, Habitat Audois, which manages the HLM city, ensures that it is working on a sustainable solution to accommodate the association.

A thwarted pas de deux: this is what the Galerie Chorégraphique has been experiencing for five years, in La Conte, in Carcassonne, a district where the association has been working since 2011, in contact with the population. and where it seeks to settle permanently and establish close relationships.

“It’s there, on the ground floor: an unoccupied apartment of 90 square meters, where we dream of settling down”, indicates the president of the Company, Thierry Gourmelen. But this dream comes up against a wall, in the literal sense of the term: the premises were condemned in favor of the renovation of the Gascogne building, during the completion of the vast embellishment program of the La Conte city, at the end of 2019. “The facade has been refurbished, but you can still see the traces of the windows, of a barely different color,” comments Thierry Gourmelen.
This wall alone sums up the current situation of the association’s request to Habitat Audois, which manages the city. “It’s at a standstill”, sums up Thierry Gourmelen, who has just put a petition online, on change.org, to move the lines (1).

“Culture is totally absent from the neighborhood”, regrets Thierry Gourmelen

“Our door is not closed, far from it! reacts Antoine Julliand, communication officer for the general management of Habitat Audois. We are working on a lasting solution, which is more complex in terms of financing, but, in the meantime, we are ready to welcome this association — as well as Face Aude, which acts in the area of ​​employment and integration — as soon as a apartment, on the ground floor, will be released”. And to add: “But the tension is such, in terms of housing, that this approach takes time”. Habitat Audois welcomes the approach of the Compagnie Chorégraphique “with kindness : it is not set aside, it simply takes time to implement it”, concludes Antoine Julliand.

In the meantime, the Galerie Chorégraphique is programming its Goûter Mouvementé for Thursday, September 15, on the playground of La Gravette, with cakes, drinks and a show offered by the Beninese dancer and choreographer Richard adossou, an entertainment offered to children. of the district: “We act for the “living together”, sums up Thierry Gourmelen. With our weapons: humour, enthusiasm, values ​​and a certain artistic level”.

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