VIDEO.  Annoyed by a remark, Sandrine Rousseau leaves the set of LCI live

VIDEO. Annoyed by a remark, Sandrine Rousseau leaves the set of LCI live

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Green MP Sandrine Rousseau abruptly left the LCI set at the end of the political interview this Friday morning. She did not appreciate a remark from journalist Elisabeh Martichoux.

Clash live this morning on LCI. Sandrine Rousseau left before the end of the political interview. Journalists Elisabeth Martichoux and Paul Larrouturou were about to finish their questions when Elisabeth Martichoux made a remark that did not please the politician at all.

The interview had partly focused on the case of Julien Bayou, suspected of sexual violence against an activist and the case of Adrien Quatennens who admitted to having slapped his wife during an argument in the middle of divorce proceedings. During the interview, Elisabeth Martichoux returned several times to the personal story of Sandrine Rousseau who had denounced in 2016 the harassment and sexual assault of her former ecologist colleague Denis Baupin.

Ending her interview, Elisabeth Martichoux had these words: “You are not a victim, you are a politician and that is why we have the right to ask you questions about your fights and your methods” . Sandrine Rousseau then interrupted her: “See, permanently sending me back to my position as a victim, it’s once again impossible. It’s not possible to pose the debate like that, sorry. It’s as a leader of politician that I speak to you and move the debate forward”. Response from Elisabeth Martichoux: “What did I just tell you? Madame Rousseau, I just told you ‘you are not a victim’, you did not hear me!” Sandrine Rousseau left her chair and returned backstage.

“It is as a political leader that I speak to you and that I advance the debates” @sandrousseau leaves the LCI set @PaulLarroutourou @EliMartichoux #Rousseau

— Josselin HR (@jo_redachef) September 23, 2022

A few hours after the interview, Sandrine Rousseau returned to this incident on Twitter. She denounced “a charge interview” and “an interview of a world that we no longer want”. She accompanied her message with the hashtag: “We get up, we break”.

An interview for the prosecution, where we question feminist movements and women more than violence and its perpetrators. An interview of a world that we no longer want. #OnSeLeveOnSeCasse #LCI

— Sandrine Rousseau (@sandrousseau) September 23, 2022

The sharp words of Sandrine Rousseau often lead to controversy. This summer, his position on “the barbecue as a symbol of virility” led to a torrent of comments in the political class.

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