Unusual: a funny creature from Africa, the genet, filmed on Mont Lozère

Unusual: a funny creature from Africa, the genet, filmed on Mont Lozère

A genet was seen on the foothills of Mont Lozère. Originally from Africa, this strange, very discreet creature of the night is difficult to observe.

She usually lives thousands of miles away in North Africa. However, a genet was seen on the foothills of Mont Lozère on November 23. If we know it has been present on French territory since its introduction into Europe by the Romans, observing it is a small feat as the animal is so discreet.

The size of a cat, this small carnivorous mammal protected in France is particularly slender. Half-cat, half-ferret, half-cheetah, the genet likes both open landscapes and forests. In France, it is found as much in the maquis as in dense wooded areas. It has even been observed in the mountains up to 2500 m altitude.

Last observation to date, this Thursday, November 23 on the foothills of Mont Lozère. The shot taken by passionate weather photographer and naturalist Vincent Lhermet was made possible thanks to a camera trap. “I had targeted this sector which seemed favorable to me to obtain images and it worked”, he explains to us.

Protected since 1972

The genet has been protected since 1972 without being classified as an endangered species. However, it is almost impossible to know how many individuals there are in France, as observations are so rare. She almost only comes out at night or at dusk to hunt field mice, mice, rabbits, birds or other fish. A regime which had thus led the Romans to introduce it to protect their crops.

Today, the genet is present in the Cévènnes, the Calanques, the Mercantour or even in the Pyrenees. It is in France that it would however be the most present in Europe. Based on reports collected by the ONCFS, some 8,500 individuals were identified in 2010, details France Bleu.

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