Ultra-high speeds a reality in Greece

Ultra-high speeds a reality in Greece

Greece is gradually reducing the “gap” in broadband access speeds compared to the most advanced countries in Europe.

The use of ultra-high speeds is now a reality, as COSMOTE – which has 51% of broadband connections, according to the latest available data from EETT – proceeded to commercialize 1Gbps speeds. The pursuit is obvious: Modern optical fiber networks are not only a prerequisite for the digital transformation of the country and businesses, but also of society and individuals, satisfying the most increased requirements. With the commercial launch of 1Gbps speeds by COSMOTE, the penetration of ultra-high speeds is enhanced, which will contribute to the improvement of the country’s performance in international indicators, in particular to the improvement of Greece’s deviation from the European “Digital Economy Index” average and Society”, DESI.

Fiber to 3 million homes by 2027

The connection with 100% optical fiber to the house socket means guaranteed super-high Internet speed. FTTH offers reliability and stability with faster downloading and uploading, as optical fibers provide stable performance and Internet connection speed without influences from external factors (moisture, cold, magnetic fields).
With optical fibers, the user (either home or business) has a constant speed, even when many devices are online at the same time and “heavy” applications are “running” at the same time. “With the unimaginable new speeds, the digital experience is upgraded and everyday life changes. Because a faster world for everyone is a better world for everyone”, emphasizes the Chief Marketing Officer Consumer Segment of OTE Group, Mr. Panagiotis Gavrielidis.
In addition, the quality of the connection also greatly facilitates the use of video conference services and applications, as there are no more interruptions or delays. “Today more than ever, businesses need fast and reliable networks to move confidently into the new digital age. We respond to this need by giving access to guaranteed 1Gbps speeds through COSMOTE Fiber. Our networks are the foundation for strengthening of extroversion and competitiveness, and a driver of growth and innovation,” highlights the Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment of OTE Group, Mr. Grigoris Christopoulos.

The rollout of 1 Gbps speeds began on September 15

Access to unimaginable 1Gbps speeds is now available to COSMOTE residential and corporate customers, as 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps speeds have begun to be commercially available, for the first time on COSMOTE Fiber, the country’s largest fiber optic network, via fiber to the home infrastructure ( Fiber to the Home). That is, more than 730,000 homes and businesses throughout Greece, corresponding to over 1,800,000 citizens, can have internet that “runs” at 1Gbps. The goal is, by the end of the year, for optical fibers to have reached 1 million.
homes and businesses, and by 2027 in 2/3 of the country.
For guaranteed speeds of 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps at home you can learn more here and those who have their own business can choose the plan that suits their needs here.

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