Ukraine gave Russia Medvedchuk in exchange for 200 servicemen

Ukraine gave Russia Medvedchuk in exchange for 200 servicemen

Ukraine returned 200 servicemen from captivity in exchange for Viktor Medvedchuk, suspected of treason. This was reported by acting. Head of the Security Service Vasily Malyuk on the air of the telethon.

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Malyuk said that out of 215 prisoners released from Russian captivity, 200 defenders were directly exchanged for Medvedchuk.

“Medvedchuk is not just Putin’s godfather, but a state traitor well-documented by us. His guilt is fully recorded in the relevant materials collected by the SBU,” Malyuk said.

He added that while working on the Medvedchuk cases, the SBU officers neutralized more than one agent network, detained many traitors and obtained a large amount of important information used in counterintelligence activities.

“And now, thanks to the exchange, we were able to pull out the heroes who are so expected at home from Russian captivity,” the acting director said. Head of the SBU

He stressed that the exchange of Medvedchuk for Ukrainian defenders would not interfere with the consideration of his cases in court.

Malyuk said that Medvedchuk also agreed to the exchange.

In May, the Kremlin repeatedly refused to release the defenders of Mariupol in exchange for Medvedchuk. The Russian Federation stated that Medvedchuk is a citizen of Ukraine, who supposedly “has nothing to do with Russia and is not a military man,” while in the case of the fighters from Azovstal, “we are talking about the military and members of nationalist formations.”

  • On the evening of September 21, photos of the head of the Mariupol patrol police Mikhail Vershinin, paramedic “Ptashki” (Ekaterina Polishchuk), marine Mikhail Dianov released from captivity appeared.

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