Toulouse: just opened, its mochi shop is a hit

Toulouse: just opened, its mochi shop is a hit

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Aurélie Ly has just opened a gourmet shop on Place Saint-Georges, in Toulouse, where she only sells mochis. Called Niji, this one is a hit with Toulouse residents who seem to love these Japanese pastries.

A black glove on each hand, Aurélie Ly replenishes her window with mochis, these Japanese pastries in the shape of a half-ball. This morning, there are not many left.
Must say that his small Niji shop of 20 m2, with white walls and all in length, recognizable by its grey-blue frontage, is a great success with Toulouse residents, although it only opened on November 11, place Saint-Georges. “Last weekend, we sold more than two thousand mochis between Friday and Saturday, so we had nothing left on Sunday. We had to close when we are open 7 days a week, “Aurélie Ly is still surprised.
Passionate about Japan since always, Aurélie Ly (whose father is Laotian) is the first to open a Niji store, a sign of Barcelona origin, in France. “We have a hand in developing the brand in France. As we are from Toulouse, we started here, ”says the 35-year-old manager, with brown hair gathered in a tail. “The generic term mochi includes all Asian pastries wrapped in sticky rice dough. This therefore includes dango and daifuku. The latter are those famous dishes stuffed with red bean paste. The ones we sell here have been revisited. We kept the rice paste as a cover. Inside, there is a light mousse available in different flavors: mango, yuzu, chocolate, green tea, pink raspberry, matcha, cherry blossom… And sometimes they contain a fruit insert,” explains Aurélie Ly.
Made entirely by hand in a remote laboratory (because of the small size of the shop), these mochis seduce Toulouse residents with their novelty and appeal for Japanese gastronomy.
In the mouth, they are very light, very fresh and not very sweet. The mousse first fills the palate, followed by the fruit coulis and then the sticky rice paste takes over. Sold between €3.80 and €5.10, these 70 to 80 gram mochis are real delights. “We didn’t think it would start so strong in the store,” concludes Aurélie Ly. Proof that Toulouse people are greedy and curious!

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