Today: Cardi B - 30

Today: Cardi B – 30

October 11, 2022, Tuesday

The Karo.Art festival will show films by Dziga Vertov, the Dardenne brothers and the debut of Svetlana Ustinova.

Actress Alena Mikhailova is 27 years old.

Cardi B is 30 (pictured).

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B, was born on October 11, 1992 in New York City. American hip hop artist, songwriter and actress. Grammy Award Winner, Billboard Music Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, etc.

Journalist Yuri Dudyu is 36 years old (recognized as a foreign agent).

43 years old actor Alexander Kudrenko.

Guitarist Alexey Davletshin is 50 years old.

Musician JJ Johansson is 53.

TV presenter Vadim Vernik is 59 years old.

Actor Igor Vernik is 59 years old.

October 12

The Pushkin Theater returns Bulgakov’s Crimson Island to the stage.

“Late Night School” starts in Okko.

Actress Iris Apatow is 20.

30-year-old actor Josh Hutcherson.

Film director Oleg Trofim is 33.

Actress Paulina Andreeva is 34.

Actor Sergei Gilev is 43 years old.

Film director Natalya Kudryashova is 44 years old.

Singer Jasmine is 45.

Actress Victoria Isakova is 46.

Actor Hugh Jackman is 54.

56 years old leader of the group “Accident” Alexei Kortnev.

Guitarist Sergei Terentiev is 58.

Trumpeter Christopher Botti is 60.

October 13

The Pushkin Theater returns Bulgakov’s Crimson Island to the stage.

The exhibition in St. Petersburg will unite all the films of Alexei Balabanov into a single story.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Master” is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a re-release.

Actor Himesh Patel is 32.

Actor Vitaly Daushev is 38 years old.

51-year-old actor Sasha Baron Cohen.

Actress Galina Tyunina is 55.

Actress Kelly Preston (1962-2020) was born 60 years ago.

61-year-old actor Billu Campu.

Singer Sammy Hagar is 75.

Singer Paul Simon is 81.

Jazzman Alexei Kozlov is 87 years old.

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