"Ticket to Paradise": Julia Roberts and George Clooney together again in a romantic comedy

“Ticket to Paradise”: Julia Roberts and George Clooney together again in a romantic comedy

George Clooney and Julia Roberts in a delightful interview with the New York Times revealed many secrets from the filming of their latest movie “Ticket to Paradise” written by Ol Parker.


“The movie was clearly written for Julia and me,” Clooney said. “The characters’ names were originally Georgia and Julian. I haven’t been in a romantic comedy since ‘One Fine Day’ came out, I haven’t been as successful as Julia in that area – but I read the script and thought: ‘if Julia is going to do it, I think this will be fun “”.

ticket to paradise

As for the film’s only kiss, Clooney revealed that “it took 80 takes. We had to do it right.” “Seventy-nine shots of us laughing and then one shot of us kissing,” added Roberts. “It made sense to do the film with just George, based on our chemistry. We have a kind of friendship that people know about while in the film we play the divorced couple.”

In the film, the two stars play two divorced parents who, when they learn that their daughter is planning to marry the man she just met on vacation in Bali, rush to the popular Indonesian resort to prevent her from making the same mistake they did those many years ago.

ticket to paradise

The first trailer of “Ticket to Paradise» has just been released, directed by Ol Parker, responsible for “Mamma Mia! Here we go again». Unexpectedly, the film is expected in Greek theaters on September 8.

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