"This film about urban rodeos is shit": Cyril Hanouna calls director Lola Quivoron a moron

“This film about urban rodeos is shit”: Cyril Hanouna calls director Lola Quivoron a moron

As the film “Rodeo” is released in theaters this Wednesday, September 7, the host of C8 split a very violent criticism in his program Touche pas à mon poste the day before.

Cyril Hanouna pushed what he describes as a “rant” this Tuesday, September 6 in his program Touche pas à mon poste broadcast on C8.

His target, the film by Lola Quivoron, entitled “Rodeo”which hits theaters this Wednesday, September 7.

The film tells the story of a young girl who will meet a gang of cross-bitumen bikers and she will infiltrate this clandestine environment. An accident will follow.

The controversial remarks

But for Cyril Hanouna, you should not go see this film. He announces it straight away: “I would like to tell you, my rant at 7:45 p.m., above all, don’t go see the film Rodeo”.

Before relentlessly depicting the film as a “disaster” and attacking the director who had created controversy during an interview at the Cannes Film Festival.

She had said: “Accidents are often caused by cops chasing and pushing riders to death.”

The host of C8 adding: “To say a such bullshit…” and treating the filmmaker “stupid“.

“Don’t go see this movie, I’m asking you as a favor. Don’t go see this shit.”

By insisting once again: “If you want to do a good deed don’t go see this film, besides it is not good.”

No debate on this subject, the columnists seemed to unanimously agree.

The director defends herself

Since the controversy, Lola Quivoron keeps coming back to these words. She had confided during the summer to the Parisian: “My remarks have been caricaturedoverinterpreted, extrapolated over articles and TV sets by journalists, who themselves had not seen my film.

Before adding: “I don’t not the apology of the urban and wild rodeo.”

More recently on France Inter, Thursday September 1, she confided: “I can understand that the sentence could have chock. It is inscribed in a montage, in tense flow, continuously. There is almost a arrogance also because I am in Cannes. I’m talking about police brutality. It is also this staging that has created, I think, a lot of controversy.”

Lola Quivoron on the controversy over her remarks about accidents caused by the police: “It does not represent what I think (…) I can understand that the sentence could have shocked because it is written in a continuous flow editing” #le7930inter pic.twitter.com/iU35SITYXc

— France Inter (@franceinter) September 1, 2022

But she concluded her remarks by arguing: “The controversy will quickly disappear, the film will stay.”

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