“The Voice of Germany”: Battle thriller presents Coach Rea Garvey with an unsolvable problem

“The Voice of Germany”: Battle thriller presents “The Voice” coach with an unsolvable problem

What happens when three huge talents compete against each other in a battle on “The Voice of Germany”? The coach faces an impossible task. In this case, it was Rea Garvey who sparked a real battle crime thriller.

“We Built This City”: Mark Forster has already heard this song by Starship “at countless wine festivals”. However, since this does not detract from the power of the song, the “The Voice of Germany” coach prescribes it to his talents Anja Beck-Harth (55) and Hanna Tabert (29), who fight for progress in the “Battles”.

The two rock ladies separate 27 years. What they have in common, however, are succinct raspy voices and quite solid jobs. While metal fan Hanna from Neustadt in Bavaria works as a undertaker outside of her current parental leave, Anja owns a butcher’s shop in Stadecken-Elsheim in Palatinate.

“The Voice” candidate surprises Mark Forster with Mettbrötchen

And so it turns out that she also pursues her profession during the coaching with Mark Forster (happily Hanna does not). She proudly hands Mark a freshly smeared Mett roll and a ring of meat sausage, together with the important hygiene note: “The cold chain was not interrupted.” Her coach is visibly happy about the hearty souvenir (“I rarely eat Mett rolls, but I like this one very much” ) and even shares it brotherly with the present dog “Oerding”.

“What’s so special about that?” Hanna doesn’t find the episode particularly remarkable: “Stars just like to eat a piece of bread.” And what else should Forster do according to his own statement in coaching? “You can do everything,” the pop star replies to his duo, who delighted in the blind auditions with songs by Jennifer Hudson (Anja) and Evanescence (Hanna). “You are totally A… on bucket, rocking and loud, and I can only help to keep the tension,” says Forster, chewing. And butcher Anja promises: “I’ll show everyone where the frog has its curls!”

“The Voice”: Peter Maffay finds performance better than his original

Peter Maffay, who is particularly enthusiastic about one element in the Rocklady Battle for “We Built This City”, still has surprisingly thick curls for his age: “I like your leather jacket,” he says to the puzzled Hanna: “May I wear it Try it on?” The rock veteran is allowed, and lo and behold: the good piece fits the delicate 73-year-old like a glove. But the joy is short-lived, because Hanna has to take the jacket home with her straight away. Mark Forster’s choice falls on Anja (Maffay: “A feast for the eyes”) despite the “total eye levelness of the two”.

Another Maffay characteristic emerges when two much younger talents enter the battle ring. Musical fans Charlotte Torchalla (21) from Potsdam and Dominik Graf von Schwerin (25) from Cologne adored the ballad “I feel like you” from the album “Tabaluga und Lilli” so emotionally that a touched Forster confessed after the performance : “I’ve been waiting for a kiss the whole time.”

Because he gets cheeky: “With such a duet partner, you suddenly find “Tabaluga” good, don’t you?” he wants to lure the discreet Dominik out of his reserve. Maffay (“Love touches me”) likes his shyness: “You sang the song a bit more modestly than I do. That’s good for him.” In the end, Charlotte was ahead by a nose, just like her colleagues and competitors Guido Westermann (49) from Team Peter, Basti Schmidt (27) from Team Stefanie, Sophie Frei (17) from Team Stefanie Rea Garvey and Mark’s protégé Sid Bader (22).

“The Voice” coach Rea puts himself in a dilemma with battle thrillers

At the end, a veritable “steal deal” fight breaks out for a trio of three huge talents. In the Rea Garvey team, Tami Rahman (27) from Augsburg, Christian Torez (25) from Bergisch-Gladbach and Kevin Tschopp (25) from Switzerland perform the anthem “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence – and so expressively and with a powerful voice that it quickly becomes clear becomes: None of the three may simply be eliminated here.

Since Rea is only allowed to take one talent into the next round according to the rules, he decides for Christian, but Kevin finds a new coaching home with Peter Maffay. Fighting for Tami like in the blind auditions Mark Forster (“I’m afraid of a second basket”) and Stefanie Kloß. “All I ask is a second chance,” she pleads. And she gets it. Mark Forster’s last words remain: “You knew it was going to be great – and that’s how it was.”

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