“The Voice”: Mark Forster puts off talent with a hairdresser recommendation

TV column “The Voice of Germany”: Mark Forster puts off 21-year-old talent with a hairdresser’s saying

At the blind auditions of “The Voice of Germany”, the coaches actually want to win over the talented people. But with one candidate, Mark Forster went too far with a saying.

As is well known, it usually works like this with “The Voice of Germany”: The talents start singing, and if the coaches like what they hear, they press the red button in front of them, their chair turns around and they see who is hidden behind the voice. Stefanie Kloß, Rea Garvey and Mark Forster were quite astonished when they turned around in the ninth blind audition for a talent and first looked at a gigantic curtain. When he finally fell, Peter Maffay recognized a big mistake and Stefanie Kloß had to think of her late father.

The evening started with the Viennese office assistant Odessa “Ody” Patron. She had chosen a song called “So Emotional” for her recently deceased father. All four coaches turned around. “I’m so keen to experience feelings with you, emotions. I’m someone who always supports strong women,” said Rea Garvey, causing a lot of laughter from his colleagues.

“The Voice of Germany”: The coaches do not recognize Whitney Houston’s song

“Rea plays Stefanie Kloß here, always relying on emotions and strong women,” laughed Mark Forster and continued to tease. “What I loved: you took us to an 80s movie. I imagined 1981 in Dublin, Rea Garvey with pimples, no beard, shoulder pads in a bar drinking a Sprite… I didn’t even know that song!”

Ody was speechless when Stefanie Kloß and Rea Garvey came out as clueless. “It’s from Whitney Houston!” Ody explained. “I was about to say,” Garvey asserted. “I was still dealing with the issue of Mark giving me a sprite…Ody ended up choosing Team Mark. “It was like the 80s,” he said happily. “Rea, you stayed on the dance floor with your Sprite and I went off with Ody.”

Mark Forster is in trouble

Mark Forster got into trouble when Björn Meier performed. The 21-year-old from Hamburg sang the song “Tears In Heaven”, which Eric Clapton once wrote for his deceased son. “It’s a song that I love very much. You didn’t hit every note, but you touched me immediately,” Forster said in recognition of the performance.

“You sing from the heart, that’s all we ask. We’ll help you with the other shit,” Rea Garvey agreed with the coach colleague. “Possibly a hairdresser’s appointment,” joked Forster with regard to Björn’s mullet hairstyle and messed it up – Björn chose Garvey.

Also in the Irishman’s team were the philosophy student Rina Grundke, who sang “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette, and 57-year-old Siegmar Meemken, who had chosen “Was Important Is” by Udo Jürgens.

Old nobility, twin couple and non-binary passion

Meanwhile, Dominik Graf von Schwerin brought Ed Sheeran feat. Taylor Swift buzzed Peter Maffay – and of course had to explain his name first. It is no longer an official title, but his family actually lived in Schwerin in the 12th century.

In addition to a nobleman, there was also the next set of twins: Christina & Dionisia Gravou sang themselves into Mark Forster’s heart with “This Is The Life” by Amy MacDonald. “I was fascinated by your two-part writing, how well it was made of one piece,” he enthused. “But you were practically singing together in your stomach.”

Jay Jeker from Basel also progressed. The 21-year-old, who has identified as non-binary for the past two years, wowed audiences with Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz”. “Anyone who chooses a number like that – there is more behind it than just the passion for music. We can’t let things like that go here,” said Stefanie Kloß, quickly grabbing the microphone to sing Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” for Jay. She therefore also decided on Team Stefanie.

Peter Maffay admits talent: “I just made the wrong decision”

And then there was the man behind the process. After singing Adele’s “Easy On Me” in a soulful voice, he caused a lot of guesswork among the coaches. “The voice has a maturity and something scratchy. But there’s also a reason there’s a curtain. Maybe you’re an eight year old girl or something? I won’t be fooled,” said Mark Forster. “Well, I think you’re a man. It sounded like mid-40s.”

Rea Garvey, on the other hand, said: “He’s 21” – and was spot on. “Do you want to sing for us again without the shower curtain?” Stefanie Kloß asked. Of course he wanted to, and then he also revealed who he is: Paul Seifert, an electrician. “My father is no longer alive, I lost him when I was 18. He was also an electrician,” said Kloß. And further: “There are moments when I wish he could have seen it. That there is such a show and that there are people who can move a lot with music. I’m sure if he had seen you he would have been happy.”

No wonder Paul also chose Kloß as his coach. But he wanted to know one more thing: why Peter Maffay was the only one who didn’t turn around. “Sometimes there are situations that you’re not quite sure about yourself. I just made the wrong choice. You are a killer singer. Sometimes you get into the ink, and that’s what I just did,” Maffay replied and then added: “I’m really annoyed!”

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