The use of the Internet by the Greek population aged 13-74 has now reached 95%

The use of the Internet by the Greek population aged 13-74 has now reached 95%

Internet usage among Greek men and women aged 13 to 74 reached 95%, up from 90% in 2019, according to the latest pan-Hellenic survey “Focus on Tech Life” by research company Focus Bari for the first half of 2022.

The conditions of the pandemic prompted the rapid spread of “digital life” in Greece as well, thus reaching universal use (100%) among the ages up to 44 and almost universal (97%) among the ages up to 54, as well as at very high levels in older and childhood ages.

In recent years (2019-2022) the use of the Internet showed a noticeable increase in the general public (+6%) and especially in the age groups 55-64 (+13%) and 65-74 (+31%). Thus, Internet penetration is now estimated at 92% among the 55-64-year-olds and 80% among the 65-74-year-olds.

88% of children aged 5-12 years are used (up from 80% in 2019), while 10-12 year olds reach 98%, 7-9 year olds 86% and 5-6 year olds 75%. 5-6 year olds mainly prefer the tablet (35%), as well as 7-9 year olds (45%), while older 10-12 year olds mainly choose the smartphone (53%).

Using the smartphone as the main access device in 96% of cases, compared to 52% of laptops and 38% of desktops, Greek users are online for an average of two hours a day .

The use of social networks (social media/networks), as well as online shopping, is also steadily increasing, with 25-34 year olds spending the largest amount. Social Media is used by almost 9 out of 10 Greek men and women (87%), with 86% of users engaging daily. The average time they spend on them reaches 86 minutes a day. 80% have an account on Facebook and 64% on Instagram.

75% of the population has made at least one online purchase in the last six months, while they spent an average of 869 euros on their online purchases. 25-34 year olds spent the largest amount (1,032 euros). with information from APE-MPE

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