The skyscraper of the world’s largest operator flared up and burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. Video

In China, a 42-storey building burned down, which housed the office of the operator China Telecom, the third largest in terms of the number of subscribers in China and the sixth in terms of revenue in the world. The fire destroyed the 200-meter edition in just 20 minutes. According to preliminary data, the operator’s data center and fuel storage for emergency diesel generators with a total volume of 35 tons were located inside the skyscraper. The cause of the fire is being established.

There was a skyscraper and there is no skyscraper

In the southeast of China, a 42-storey building, the office of the telecom operator China Telecom, was completely burned out. The fire only took 20 minutes to completely destroy the building, despite the fact that its height is about 220 meters.

The skyscraper that housed China Telecom’s office is located in Changsha, in the Chinese province of Hunan. By the time the material was released, the cause of the fire had not been disclosed.

China Telecom is the third largest telecom operator in China and one of the largest in the world. At the end of 2021, 317.1 million subscribers used its services, compared to 372 million for China Unicom and almost 957 million for China Mobile. According to mbaSkool, China Telecom ranked sixth among all telecom operators in the world in terms of revenue in 2021. It is only ahead of it by the American AT&T and Verizon, Chinese China Mobile, German Deutsche Telekom and Japanese Nippon Telegraph & Telephone.


The smoke from the burning skyscraper was visible for miles

According to the Chinese newspaper Beijing Daily, the fire started at approximately 11:30 am Moscow time. The fire originated on one of the lower floors, after which the fire began to spread rapidly up the facade of the building.

Pour diesel on the fire

According to the Chinese press, in the China Telecom building, in addition to office space, there was also a data center that was responsible for the operation of some of the operator’s services. Such systems in the vast majority of cases are equipped with autonomous power systems in case of an accident on the central power grid. They are powered by generators – according to preliminary estimates, there were about 35 tons of fuel for them in the building at the time of the fire.

Video from the scene

It is possible that this affected the speed of the flame and its power. However, representatives of China Telecom have not yet reported whether there was actually fuel for autonomous power systems of servers in the building.

Situation with victims

36 fire engines and 280 firefighters were sent to fight the fire element. It is not yet clear how quickly they managed to arrive at the call, but they were able to cope with the fire in about one hour. However, by that time little was left of the building – the fire spread very quickly.

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Meanwhile, according to official figures, no one died as a result of the fire, despite the fact that the fire spread very quickly. How many people were in the building when the fire started, and how they were able to escape, given that the fire engulfed the entire building, has not been established. Meanwhile, the fact of the presence of people in the building is confirmed – they posted videos of the fire on the Web, while inside the skyscraper.

Coincidence? Is not a fact

There are many unanswered questions about the China Telecom building fire. In particular, it is completely incomprehensible why the regular fire extinguishing system did not work.

Meanwhile, it was guaranteed to be in the building, but there is no data on its technical condition. It is only known that China Telecom announced a tender for its replacement less than two weeks before the incident – on September 5, 2022. By the time of the fire, the contractor had not yet been found. Why the operator needed to change this system is not disclosed.


The destruction, apparently, the fire brought colossal

The further fate of the building, as well as the final state after the fire, have not yet been determined. The skyscraper was built in 2000 and became the first building in the city of Changsha with a height of more than 200 meters.

The infrastructure (didn’t) suffer

According to ABC News, representatives of China Telecom claim that the burnout of an entire building with a data center inside it and tons of fuel for its servers did not affect the operation of the operator’s network and services. However, subscribers fundamentally disagree with this statement.

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According to the publication, subscribers of the China Telecom network cannot use their phones – the network is unavailable, as well as the operator’s services. They complain about it on Chinese social networks. Representatives of China Telecom do not comment on what is happening.

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