The sketch of the monument to Yuri Shatunov was approved

The sketch of the monument to Yuri Shatunov was approved

The results of the competition for the idea of ​​a monument to be erected on the grave of Yuri Shatunov at the Troekurovsky cemetery have been summed up. The singer’s widow Svetlana Shatunova said that she personally approved one of the sketches.

– Together with the children, Dennis and Estella, we unanimously chose the sketch. The author asked me not to name his name yet, so that the hype around the project would not harm and distract from work, she told AiF. – Over time, we will, of course, announce the name. Most likely, this will happen when the monument has already been cast. In the meantime, we have a draft design. The author assures that the maximum portrait similarity will be achieved when creating a full-sized figure of Yura. And this sketch is a sketch of a small monument – 60 cm.

Svetlana Shatunova said that during the consideration of various sketches, the idea of ​​a monument with roses was rejected.

“Let Yura always have live white roses or daisies on his grave, he loved them too,” the widow explained. – He even has a song “Daisies”, which he released ten years ago. Yura loved wild flowers. And white flowers – living ones – will be laid by fans to the pedestal of black stone, on which the monument will be erected.

The height of the pedestal made of black stone is 1 m 20 cm, the figure of the musician, made of bronze, will be 2 m 16 cm high. All inscriptions on the pedestal are planned to be made of bronze.

– We were thinking about how to write a name on the monument – Yura or Yuri. And made a choice in favor of the full name. And on the pedestal there will be a painting of her husband – the way he usually gave an autograph to fans.

According to Svetlana Shatunova, the versions of the monument where the artist appeared with his hand raised, in a sitting position and with an accordion (which he actually loved to play) were also rejected. The timing of the erection of the monument has not yet been announced. The family does not raise funds for the monument.

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