The Russian National Orchestra will not renew the contract with Mikhail Pletnev

The Russian National Orchestra will not renew the contract with Mikhail Pletnev

2022, LSP

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Guitarist Ivan Urgant took part in the recording of the LSP song “Sector Prize” – yes, the same showman and TV presenter. This noteworthy fact, of course, was used in the promotion of the single, although Ivan’s guitar talent in the arrangement, to put it mildly, does not stick out. But the track has a very exciting and memorable piano, but who played it is not reported.

In general, Oleg LSP turned out to be a beautiful and thoughtful number, in which references to the TV program “Field of Miracles” become an allegory of our life. Well, not exactly ours, rather it is the life of young inhabitants of poor provincial cities with all the ensuing problems like drug addiction, cops and ancestors who “sit where they sat and stupidly watch everything after a week of work.” But in essence, it’s worth looking at things more broadly, and then it turns out that the song is about everyone: few people in this life get the “prize sector”, but everyone will receive “the keys to the hearse”, “sunsets for Uncle Lenya” will be abundantly watered with tears (“ from tears, salty dreams are remnants”), and the sentence “turn the drum” often turns into the need to “pull the trigger already.”

Formally, this is rap, but LSP has an almost symphonic approach to arranging, and he himself is not averse to singing lines that were meant to be recitative. Dramatic piano parts suggest that Russian-language rap music is growing up along with its performers. But listen to the song until the end – literally one word (though obscene) was enough for Oleg to sharply reduce the pathos, show wit on the verge of a foul and turn the tragedy into a joke.

Alexey Mazhaev, InterMedia

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