The Pope called it morally acceptable to supply weapons to Ukraine

The Pope called it morally acceptable to supply weapons to Ukraine

Pope Francis called “morally acceptable” the supply of weapons to Ukraine to protect against Russian aggression. He said this, speaking to reporters on board the plane, returning from Kazakhstan, reports Reuters.

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During the press conference, the Pope was asked whether it is morally right to send weapons to Ukraine.

“This is a political decision that can be morally acceptable if it is made under conditions of morality,” Francis said.

He laid out the “just war” principles of the Roman Catholic Church, which allow for the proportionate use of deadly weapons to defend against an aggressor nation.

“Self-defense is not only legal, it is also an expression of love for the Motherland. Whoever does not defend himself, who does not defend something, he does not love her,” said Francis.

He added that it is immoral to supply weapons if the intention is to provoke a new war, sell weapons or get rid of weapons that a country no longer needs.

“Motivation is what largely determines the morality of this action,” the Pope added.

  • In May, Francis called what is happening in the world now a “fragmented” third world war, divided into several regional ones. He also said that not only the one who started it is responsible for the war, but also the one who could not or did not want to prevent it.
  • Yesterday, the Pope of Rome said that “God always leads to peace” and called for resolving all conflicts “by dialogue, not by conflicts and weapons.”

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