The opposition turned to Scholz: Announce the supply of tanks, do not expose the FRG to ridicule

The opposition turned to Scholz: Announce the supply of tanks, do not expose the FRG to ridicule

The current German supplies of weapons for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the new ones promised yesterday are equivalent to “alms”, because such volumes and a set of weapons will not be enough for the Defense Forces to expel Russian troops. This was stated by the deputy of the opposition Christian Democratic Union in Germany, Johan Wadeful, Tagesschau writes.

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Instead of real help, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht “again offers only alms,” the Bundestag deputy believes.

With two additional promised MARS II MLRS installations and 50 Dingo armored vehicles, “in a conflict of this magnitude and intensity, it is impossible to win a single battle,” according to the deputy head of the Union faction.

Wadeful called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to announce at the Bundeswehr conference on September 16 “the delivery of a real package of heavy weapons, battle tanks and armored personnel carriers, so as not to completely expose Germany in a ridiculous light, and open the eyes of the international community.”

September 13 Wadeful reposted in Twitter Dmitry Kuleba’s message, in which the head of the Foreign Ministry was perplexed about Berlin’s refusal to give tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and wrote: “Clear words. A direct hint to the chancellor. Now the “traffic light” needs not words, but deeds.”

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Earlier this week, Lambrecht called for loosening Germany’s strict arms export rules to ease cooperation with European allies like France, Spain and the UK, who are forced to comply with restrictions on the re-export of German weapons.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stefan Weil, supported this initiative, as stated by dpa.

“It seems right to me, especially from the point of view of European cooperation, because the states of Europe are in the same boat, we have a common interest in being strong together. This also includes the possibility of working together on weapons issues,” he said. .

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