The Kumbia Boruka to make Marvejols dance

The Kumbia Boruka to make Marvejols dance

It is finally the group Kumbia Boruka who will perform this Friday, September 23, at 8:30 p.m., the multipurpose hall of Marvejols, in place of Manu Lanvin and his trio, for the Internationales de la guitare. For ten years, the Kumbia Boruka has thrilled the world sound system by honoring each time the ancestral queen of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, the cumbia.

Strong in its character, the Kumbia Boruka, composed of eight musicians, is gradually built between Europe and Latin America and continues to flourish through artistic encounters. After more than 250 concerts on European stages, the feeling is still the same: wherever the Kumbia Boruka presents itself, rhythm, dance and good humor reign. After all, this is the essence and the very meaning of the group: an enthusiastic communion where the melodies of the accordion and singing, based on a powerful and percussive rhythm, blend with electric and brassy sounds.

See you on Friday to discover this legendary group. A concert for all, free entry, to dance to the wild rhythms of Kumbia Boruka.

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