galaxy s23, Το Galaxy S23 θα μοιάζει πολύ με το Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S23 will look a lot like the Galaxy S22

We have accepted that the design of smartphones does not change radically from generation to generation. THE Samsungin fact, he makes fun of Apple for the lack of changes and innovations in the design of the devices.

Lately, however, Samsung has been doing the same. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is essentially the same as the Z Flip 3, while the S series has also been stagnant. And that seems like it won’t change with it Galaxy S23.

A few days ago, a leak confirmed that the dimensions of the Galaxy S23 series will be almost the same as the S22 series. Now, however, there is also new information.

In a tweet, Samsung leaker @IceUniverse revealed that the standard 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 will actually be bulkier and feature slightly larger bezels than the Galaxy S22 taking something away from the display. Judging by the photo, the smartphone will look almost identical.

Although Samsung seems to be banking on foldables for the future, it shouldn’t forget that the S23 remains the company’s only true competitor to the iPhone. And he doesn’t seem to be trying too hard.

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