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The digital encyclopedia “About Libraries” is expanding and reaching an international audience

Engravings, photographs and historical publications are presented in the exhibition “About Libraries” which is hosted at the ESIEA “Dimitris I. Pournaras” Library until October 14, 2022. These are rare and representative samples from the material of the website “About Libraries – ». The opening of the exhibition took place on Thursday, September 29, at an event organized by the urban non-profit company “Kipos Filobivlon” and the National Center for Documentation & Electronic Content (EKT), in the ESIEA building.

The event presented new actions for the expansion and internationalization of the digital encyclopedia “About Libraries” (, which already includes more than 3,500 items, processed and documented: entries, bibliographic references and a rich visual collection (miniatures of manuscripts , wood engravings, copper engravings, lithographs, paintings, representations and photographic depictions of sculptures & architectural works, etc.). It is a space for original research and collection of important and rare archival and other material, which focuses on libraries and their history, presenting unique collections, but also personalities associated with libraries in East and West from antiquity to the present day.

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Speakers of the event were Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulosformer President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms Anna Diamantopouloupresident of the “Network”, president of the EU Commission on the future of the welfare state, former European Union commissioner and former minister, Ms Evi Sahinidirector of the National Documentation & Electronic Content Center (EKT) and Mr. Konstantinos Sp. Staikosfounder and representative of the “Bible Garden”.

peri bibliothikon wwwaboutlibrariesgr

Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos in his speech he referred to the timeless value of books and libraries and the importance and uniqueness of the digital encyclopedia “About Libraries”. As he characteristically pointed out “In the digital age we live in, and which some believed to be the end of the book, the project On Libraries with a global impact, gives a resounding answer that if we use technology properly, as befits the human spirit, just another age of the book now it begins So that it is the property of everyone, in its new form, but in any case in the sense of a book and a library. Let’s not forget that the spring and the sunrise at the same time of the spirit in Ancient Greece begins inside the halls of libraries».

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Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou he referred to the contribution of libraries to the recording of the history of human civilization and to the new technological developments that expand their role, to the actions of the “Bible Garden” and to the international collaborations that have been developing recently. Referring to the cooperation of the “Garden of Bibles” with the EKT, she noted “The About Libraries website is a digital encyclopedia of great collections and personalities from the book world, associated with all the libraries of the West and the East, the creators and keepers of knowledge. The material is an amazing collection, it is pictorial material, it is factual information. The cooperation of the Bible Garden with the EKT is of key importance both for the promotion of the content and for its accessibility».

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Ms Evi Sahini emphasized in her speech the fruitful cooperation of the ECB with the “Garden of Bibles” and K. Staikos, notably noting “Our goal is to create a global digital library for libraries, open to the Internet public, with a user-friendly search and navigation system. A node in which important, original content for the institution of libraries is stored in a way that the individual pieces of information are meaningfully interconnected so that knowledge is created and on top of that the “wisdom” always sought by humanity». He even pointed out the role of libraries “An important condition for the success of the project is to convince and entice the libraries themselves, the custodians of deposited knowledge, into this journey.”

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Mr. Konstantinos Sp. Staikos he referred to the organization of the material and the future goals and actions of “About Libraries”. “We list all Greek libraries, university, private, institutional, of any other nature, and post the edited entries online and translate them, at least into English, while the translation into Chinese and other languages ​​is planned, in order to reach the international audiencehe noted in his speech. K.Sp. Staikos also mentioned the collaborations with the Onassis Foundation for the expansion of the content, with the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation for the registration of the libraries of Cyprus, with the Philekpediefetti Etaireia for educational programs and with the “Network” for actions that will highlight the digital benefits of the use of new technological tools.

At the event, in which the president of ESIEA, Mrs Maria Antoniadouattended by the professor and president of the Educational Society, Mr. George Babiniotisthe president of the Onassis Foundation, Mr. Antonis Papadimitriouthe former director of corporate affairs, communications and accountability of the Interamerican Group, Mr. Yannis Routos and many official guests and friends of the book.

peri bibliothikon wwwaboutlibrariesgr

The purpose of the exhibition, in addition to highlighting “About Libraries –” and the official presentation of the “Garden of Books”, is to make the general public and specialists aware of the method followed for enrichment and organization of this digital encyclopedia. Thus, sixteen showcases present unique pictorial material from the collection of the Photo Gallery of the website, where historic libraries from the Byzantine era, the Italian Renaissance and the Enlightenment are depicted, as well as thinkers, mainly Greek and European, in the field of their library or companionship with their books.

The exhibition’s bilingual catalog (Greek-English) is available in print and electronic form and aspires to reach all libraries internationally, to provoke visual stimuli and promote wider online discussion on knowledge issues.

The exhibition “About Libraries –” is open to the public at the ESIEA “Dimitris I. Pournaras” Library (20 Akadimias & Bucharest, 2nd Floor) until October 14, 2022 (opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00 -14.00).

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