iphone 14, Οι χρόνοι παράδοσης των μοντέλων iPhone 14 αποκαλύπτει τι είχε στο μυαλό της η Apple

The delivery times of the iPhone 14 models reveal what Apple had in mind

Erik Woodring, Morgan Stanley’s new subject matter analyst Appleconducted an analysis of current lead times and issued a finding for the investment house’s clients.

Delivery time is the time between the moment someone submits the order and the moment they get the product in their hands. Here Woodring looks at delivery times for all the new iPhone 14 models – Pro and non-Pro.

According to its finding, obtained by Apple Insider, the delivery time for the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the states is the longest of any Apple product in the last six years. The average delivery time for iPhone Pro Max is 36.5 days. That’s a week longer than the 29.5-day delivery time for the iPhone 14 Pro, the third-longest delivery time in the last six years and equal to the delivery times for last year’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In addition to strong demand for the new iPhone 14 Pro series in the world’s third-largest smartphone market, Apple also did exceptionally well in the world’s top smartphone market, China. There, more than two million orders were placed for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in the first 24 hours after pre-orders opened.

With a delivery time of six days, the iPhone 14 is far behind in demand, showing that Apple’s audience is asking for more change in non-Pros. How much the difference is credited to Dynamic Island is up to the individual.

Woodring didn’t have a delivery time for the iPhone 14 Plus, as the non-Pro 6.7-inch model won’t ship until October 7.

Delivery times, however, are not only based on the demand of the models. The supply chain plays an important role, as does the ability to quickly ship products to consumers. Specifically in the case of Apple and the iPhone 14, the numbers are largely an indication of demand.

That alone is not a surprise. The Pros exclusively have the best chip, the A16 bionic, upgraded 48 MP cameras, but also Dynamic Island. So it makes sense if you’re going to get an iPhone, get a Pro regardless of the price difference. And here’s Apple’s genius strategy.

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