The Aubrac Regional Natural Park opens its new school in the Park

The Aubrac Regional Natural Park opens its new school in the Park

Education for sustainable development, artistic and cultural education.

No buildings, no classrooms… With the Aubrac Natural Park, the pupils set out to discover the natural and cultural heritage of their territory. In the Park’s charter, local elected officials wanted education in sustainable development to benefit from an ambitious project. For two years, the PNR has already offered schools, colleges and high schools several educational programs which, over the 2021-2022 school year, benefited more than 800 students in all three departments of the territory. With this School of the Park, it is a structure which is built to be able to be deployed even more widely, and always in full complicity with the services of National Education. “The goals remain the same.explains Geneviève Gasc-Barès, elected representative of the Park. It is a question of allowing children to observe, to question themselves, to understand their territory, but also to become actors and to participate in the evolutions in an approach that is both scientific and sensitive, linking artistic education and sustainable development.

“During this back-to-school period, we are offering schools the opportunity to build their tailor-made project, based on one of the two themes, the night or the tree and the forest.explains Solveig Cherrier, in charge of education and awareness at the Park, and a repertoire of École du Parc speakers who have been identified for their in-depth knowledge of the territory, and who are professionals in nature animation, Occitan singing, storytelling, illustration, music…”

A committee will decide on the labeling of the proposed project according to specific criteria, which will allow the classes to benefit from four half-days of activities and a restitution at the end of the year bringing together all the participating classes.

To respond to this call for projects, before October 9, simply download the file from the Park’s website in the news section (

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