The amazing 3-D side of Jupiter (video)

The amazing 3-D side of Jupiter (video)

In 2016, NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter. The craft observes and explores during these six years both the largest planet in our solar system and many of its dozens of moons. The images and data it has captured have revealed a number of previously unknown aspects of both the gas giant and its satellites. New evidence has also been revealed about the relationship of the planet to its moons and the various phenomena produced by the gravitational and other interactions between them.

At the European Planetary Science Congress in Granada, Spain, software developer Gerald Eichstad presented a video showing Jupiter’s clouds in 3D and the giant chaotic storms that develop in its atmosphere.

“The Juno mission offers us the opportunity to observe Jupiter in ways that are impossible to do with ground-based telescopes. With the help of the mission vessel we can look at the clouds and their features from different sides and angles at the same time. This allows for a three-dimensional presentation of the patterns of Jupiter’s upper cloud layers. “The magnificent chaotic storms on Jupiter come to life in these images, showing the clouds at different levels and heights,” says Gerald Eichstad, who argues that these images will help scientists identify new clues about Jupiter’s atmospheric mechanisms as well as the their chemical composition.

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