"The abuse was systematic": Carol Paredes, model and reality TV star, tells us about her stolen childhood

“The abuse was systematic”: Carol Paredes, model and reality TV star, tells us about her stolen childhood

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Model and reality TV star, Carol Paredes, from Toulouse, claims to have been the victim of sexual abuse when she was little. On July 11, she sent a letter to the Toulouse public prosecutor to file a complaint.

His face is probably familiar to you. Carol Paredes, 48, is a well-known personality in the world of reality TV and modeling. The one who was successively Miss Haute-Garonne then Miss France 1990, began her modeling career at the age of 5. The oldest probably remember the advertising posters for the beaches of Port Leucate on which the little girl, completely naked, posed at the end of the 1970s. Later, Carol will work for the cult series “Hélène and the boys” as an extra, and will participate in music videos, before flying to Miami in 1995. More recently, French viewers were able to see the Toulousaine in the reality show “Les Marseillais à Miami”.

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A seemingly happiest life in the spotlight. And yet, far from the rhinestones and sequins, when she finds herself alone, the smile of the beautiful Carol disappears. The forties reunites with the demons that have never left her. She becomes again this frightened little girl, victim of men’s desire. On several occasions, Carol was abused. She gives her testimony for the first time, for, she says, that “parents are wary of the people to whom they entrust their children”, and for women with psychosomatic symptoms “to explore their past in search of areas of ‘shadow “.

“I never spoke because I was afraid”

For Carol, hell begins when she is only five years old. A young man abuses the little girl in the absence of her parents. Five years later, in the early 1980s, the little girl crosses paths with another attacker.

“I was going to do photo shoots with a Toulouse photographer. Very quickly, he abused me by touching and licking me. The first time, I was asleep when he did this to me. I was terrified, I pretended to be asleep. The following times, the abuses were systematic. »

His salvation will come from a member of his family two years later. He denounces similar facts to Carol’s parents. “We stopped taking pictures, it was a real relief. “Nearly 40 years later, she decided to testify to her ordeal and to file a complaint with the public prosecutor of Toulouse. “I never spoke because I was afraid. My first abuser programmed me to shut up. »

A few weeks ago, after posting a photo on the Facebook network, a comment from the sister of his attacker reactivates his memories. “All of this has ruined my life as a woman and a mother. I think my chronic pain comes from what I went through. It’s important to talk about it so that the shame changes sides! I would like to tell parents not to leave their children with anyone, to worry if their behavior changes, if they are in pain, and above all, to listen to them. »

The limitation period for sexual crimes against minors is set at 30 years from the majority of the victim since the Schiappa law of August 3, 2018.

When she was only ten years old, Carol says that she would regularly pose for a Toulouse photographer who abused her. This photo was taken by her attacker in 1984.

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