TF1 takes Canal+ to court after cutting its channels

TF1 takes Canal+ to court after cutting its channels

The crisis between Canal + and TF 1 rebounds in justice. Since Friday, September 2, the Vivendi subsidiary has cut off access to its subscribers to the TF 1 channels (TF 1, TMC, TFX, TF 1 Séries Films and LCI) as well as to their replay services. The measure particularly penalizes satellite customers of Canal +, dependent on this distributor to access television. This decision is justified by Canal + by the requirements deemed excessive by TF 1 to renew the distribution contract for its channels.

As it had hinted in recent days, the Bouygues subsidiary has decided to move up a gear by taking the case to court. According to Le Figaro on Wednesday, TF 1 summoned Maxime Saada’s group before the Paris Commercial Court to order the latter to order the reinstatement of its channels on TNT Sat. Information that we are able to confirm. Operated by Canal +, this satellite service is used by 1.8 million households living in isolated, often mountainous areas, which cannot otherwise receive television.

Impossible peace?

On Saturday, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, had already asked Maxime Saada’s group by mail to restore the signal to TNT Sat subscribers, stressing that the cut deprived them “of all access to the five free channels of the TF 1 group. “. “This situation is not in accordance with the intention of the legislator, which was to guarantee full coverage of the territory by DTT”, estimated the rue de Valois in its missive.

On Monday, Arcom (Audiovisual and digital communication regulatory authority) had for its part specified that “the law does not impose an obligation to resume a signal” on Canal +, relations with a broadcaster falling under the only “freedom of contract”. At the same time, the audiovisual regulator is still trying to obtain a peace agreement between the two groups, “in the interest of viewers”. After a week of a black screen, the negotiations seem to have reached an impasse, with everyone blaming each other for the current crisis.

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