"Tenacious Blue", an aerial and musical performance

“Tenacious Blue”, an aerial and musical performance

Third Opening meeting (s) proposed by Crossed Scenes, in Montmirat.

For the third meeting of Opening(s), which takes place until October 9 on different territories of the department, Crossed Scenes of Lozère and the association Librokiosk give appointment, Saturday September 24, at 5 p.m., and Sunday 25, at 11.30 a.m., at the Col de Montmirat (commune of Ispagnac), for the performance circus show tenacious blueby Rhizome / Chloé Moglia, with Fanny Austry.

The intersection of urban and nature

Circassian, trapeze artist and practitioner of martial arts, Chloé Moglia develops a singular exploration of suspension by linking physical practice, reflection and sensitivity. tenacious blue features Fanny Austry, a suspenseful “thoughtful and dreamy, not expansive”.

In this creation, six meters high, suspension and krump, a dance born in the 2000s in the Los Angeles ghetto, meet. Chloé Moglia and Fanny Austry have been collaborating since 2014 on various shows. For this new creation, Fanny Austry is solo, six meters above the ground, on a monumental wire structure-sculpture, called demi-soupir. Volcanic, it alternates jerky sequences drawn from urban dances and calmer moments of suspension; just enough time for her and the public to catch their breath.

It is accompanied by the musical lines of Marielle Chatain who signs an adjusted creation where the urban and the forest, the sky and the base are entangled.

Price of the show: 5 €. Info and tickets on 04 66 65 75 75 or on scenescroisees.fr.
A shuttle is organized to the hamlet of Montmirat (meeting at the Col de Montmirat car park, Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.) then a very easy 2 km walk to reach the show site.

Around the show

also Before the show, immersive and sensory walk of 2h30 on the causse to the place of the show (limited gauge, reservation on 04 66 65 75 75). After the show, culinary and artistic experience with Sara Harakat (artist-architect) and a group of Afghan and Iraqi families.

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