Taika Waititi's new film will be released in April 2023, and the sequel to

Taika Waititi’s new film will be released in April 2023, and the sequel to “Inside Out”

Bubble publishing house has released a collection of comics for the anniversary of the film “Brother” by Alexei Balabanov, which celebrates 25 years in 2022. The collection was created by a team that gave Russian fans comics series about Major Grom, Besoboy, Red Fury and Enoch, gazetametro.ru reports.

– We received an offer from the CTB Film Company to take part in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the film Brother. We deal with Russian heroes, and Danila Bagrov is one of the brightest heroes of our cinema. This collection is our tribute, – said Roman Kotkov, editor-in-chief of the Bubble publishing house and curator of the collection. “We were given complete freedom, allowed to do whatever we wanted. As a result, the collection includes ten separate stories from a variety of screenwriters, each with their own approach and attitude to the hero, and artists working in dissimilar styles. But this is not “Brother-3”.

According to Roman Kotkov, they did not try to write their final story of Balabanov, this is just an attempt to reflect on the topics covered in the film and the fate of its characters. The work took almost 9 months, each team of authors proposed their own concept, and Roman Kotkov and Aleksey Zamsky, a Belarusian screenwriter known for his work on the Igor Grom series, acted as curators.

– The image of Danila does not change visually, many artists tried very hard to make him look like Sergei Bodrov, Jr., explains Roman Kotkov.

It is curious that Bagrov does not appear in all the stories in the collection. There is, for example, the comic book “Around the Bush”, dedicated to a crime boss nicknamed Round. In the film “Brother” it is he who gives the task to Viktor Bagrov (Tatarin) to remove another Chechen crime boss.

A distinctive feature of the Round was the love of sayings, the authors made it a feature of a graphic story. The comic shows what path Krugly went from childhood to the moment when he put a gun to the head of Tatarin, and the replicas of all the characters in this comic are exclusively sayings: “Good vodka, but a narrow throat”, “Death is life’s head”, “One a horse will gallop a hundred pigs”, “Live longer – you will see more”, and so on.

The Bagrov brothers can also be seen as children in the collection. The comic “On the Other Side” begins with a scene where Viktor Bagrov thinks that his brother will kill him for betrayal. From the comics, one can trace the transformation of the character from Victor, an excellent student, who pities his mother and tries to help her, since the alcoholic father is not able to provide for his family, to a ruthless, greedy bandit nicknamed Tatar. The story of “Brother 2102” is also curious, which begins with the awakening of Danila in 2102.

– In the collection we have both prequels and sequels of the film “Brother”, and stories with a different version of events. There is even cyberpunk. These are comics, they work in an entertaining format,” says Roman Kotkov. We also have new heroes. The brightest of them is a boy from the flagship story “Film of the Generation”, which was invented by Alexei Zamsky and drawn by Evgeny Bornyakov. Schoolboy Danya grew up on the movie “Brother”, he quotes the picture, watched it hundreds of times, a real fan. The story is dedicated to how the current teenager, who has absorbed this film, lives in modern reality. Danila Bagrov coexists with Danya not as an imaginary friend, but as an adviser, whom he looks at and thinks: what would Danila do? And thanks to this boy, we can see what from the movie “Brother” is now working and what is not.

Victoria Melnikova, Metro

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