SYRIZA-PS: The Parliament is dragged into the legalization of antiquities

SYRIZA-PS: The Parliament is dragged into the legalization of antiquities

The intervention of the competent prosecutor for the Protection of Cultural Property is requested by the head of the Culture Department of SYRIZA-PS, Sia Anagnostopoulou, in her statement on the occasion of the assignment to the “Institute of Ancient Greek Culture of Delaware, of 161 Cycladic antiquities”.

The statement:

The association of Leonard Stern with the acceptance of proceeds of crime, the illegal trafficking of antiquities, was today PUBLICLY proven by the Association of Hellenic Archaeologists with unshakable evidence and documents.

The government and Mrs. Mendoni will drag the Parliament tomorrow, because the “collector” and an unknown Institute demanded it blackmail, in the sanctioning of an illegal agreement which covers up and legitimizes the antiquarian activity that brought the 161 Cycladic figurines to the living room of L .Stern.

SYRIZA warned and denounced from the first moment in every institutional way the method, demanded the withdrawal of the failed agreement and the legal claim and return of the antiquities to our country, in accordance with the archaeological legislation.

Since the Association of Greek Archaeologists was able within a few days to find Mr. Stern’s connection with the acceptance of antiquities crime proceeds from public records, the question arises: what did the Minister do for two years? How many more facts would have been discovered by the competent Services in cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Offices, if they had not been prevented by Ms. Mendoni, who was alone dealing secretly with “collectors”, private institutions and virtual offshore companies?

-What exactly was Mr. Mitsotakis’ elected minister negotiating in secret with all of them? The new revelations expose both of them, who in addition to being incompetent, are also dangerous for the country’s interest.

The government and Mr. Mitsotakis must respond immediately:

– Do they disprove the evidence uncovered by archaeologists and prove the suspicious activity of Mr. Stern and his connection with illegal antiquities trafficking?

– Why are they dragging the Parliament to ratify an ILLEGAL agreement for which the minister is responsible?

– Why didn’t the YPPOA investigate, as it should have, the origin of the 161 Cycladic antiquities?

– What does the Minister intend to do now that Leonard Stern’s relationship with Simes and Steinhardt has been revealed?

– Why has he not yet presented to the Parliament legalization documents of the 161 objects of the Stern Collection?

– Why did she not present to Parliament the statute and the composition of the Board of Directors of the “Institute of Ancient Greek Culture of Delaware, to which she assigned with her signature the possession of the 161 Cycladic antiquities?”

– It is true that the “Institute” was founded in Delaware on 6/21/2022, just one month before the signing of the Agreement and is a VIRTUAL offshore company, with which Ms. Mendoni agreed to be contracted by the Greek State and ratified by the Parliament ;

– Did Mr. Mitsotakis, who was watching everyone and everything, not know what his Minister was doing in the background? Who gave her the order to illegally continue to “deal” with unknown circuits?

– Will someone finally stop the descent of Mrs. Mendonis who wants to drag the entire country and the Greek Parliament with her processions to legitimize her actions or was she also operating “by order of the prime minister”?

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