“Star Academy”: Léa is really “too stressed”, Louis and Enola each want victory

D-2 before the final of the “Star Academy”, Saturday evening live on TF 1. The countdown occupies more and more space in the brains of Anisha, Enola, Léa and Louis, the four finalists of the new season of telecrochet de la Une. The stress is mounting, according to the daily summary of the day before released on Thursday. Léa’s tears too: “I am very upset. I think I’m tired. I realize that I am in the final, ”she says in the middle of a singing lesson. “It’s normal, it’s stress, console Adeline Toniutti, between two vocal exercises. It’s Wednesday, it’s a marathon, you have to hold on until the end. »

Also exhausted, Enola accepts her thirst for victory. “La Star Ac’ is my dream as a little girl. I dream of winning and that’s what scares me, ”launches the young woman under pressure. Like her three comrades, Léa is preparing her song, a duet with Lara Fabian on “I love you”. “I have a lot of questions about the final. I’m afraid of missing my performance with Lara Fabian, ”she breathes.

“Dad, it’s become a phew, he made posters that he sticks everywhere”

All are keen to “not disappoint” the “tons of people who support them”. “We feel indebted to the public. You have to give it your all,” says Anisha, who is working with the other two girls on a threesome for prime time: an ABBA hit with lyrics translated into French. ” The Winner takes it all, it’s a winner’s song and I want to win”, adds Léa, who discovered the title in the film “Mamma Mia! “. Louis also “craves this victory so much” but he rows hard on his difficult recovery from Jacques Brel. After class, he continues to train in the bathroom, above the sink.

Between two advertising tunnels, we feel that the hour of farewell is approaching. The gym class is split in half to enjoy a breakfast full of confidences with Coach Joe. At the end of her last lesson, Adeline Toniutti is lyrical: “I really wish you the best. The best in your life. I am honored to have gone on this adventure with you. “After a tape where Robbie Williams, the godfather of the edition, “too cute”, gives them an appointment on the set on Saturday, a surprise awaits Léa. A visit from his sister and brother.

“Oh my, that’s huge. I am shocked. I didn’t expect it at all. I missed you ! she exclaims. Cuddling session. Then presentation to the rest of the class. “Dad, it’s become a phew, he made posters that he sticks everywhere. The others, we love you too much, frankly. We know you by heart. Enjoy until the last second,” says the sister. “The adventure brought us together so much,” replies Léa, who for a moment forgot the final competition.

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