Star Academy: in Lot-et-Garonne, Boudy-de-Beauregard is preparing for the Louis final

Star Academy: in Lot-et-Garonne, Boudy-de-Beauregard is preparing for the Louis final

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While waiting for the Star Academy final this Saturday, Boudy-de-Beauregard, the village of Louis, showed its support for the qualified candidate in the last square of the telecrochet. Saturday, November 26, a retransmission of the show on the big screen is organized in the theater hall.

Every Saturday since October 15, the start of Star Academy, the inhabitants of Boudy-de-Beauregard have the same ritual. Prepare a meal tray, turn on the television set and watch Louis, from the village, perform on the Star Academy stage. With the approach of the telecrochet final, which will take place this Saturday, November 26 and to which the Lot-et-Garonnais has brilliantly qualified, the small town of 400 souls has shown its support for the child of the country. At the entrance to the town, suspended above the departmental road, the municipality displayed a banner “all together with Louis”.

“I love it. I watch the show every Saturday”

A few meters further on, the windows of the school where the young man was educated are covered with messages of encouragement. And everywhere in the town, posters of Louis with the telephone number (71 500) to vote for their candidate. “You have to choose the number 4 when you send the SMS”, specifies Isabelle Andrac, the mayor of Boudy-de-Beauregard.

On the networks, several associations in the village, such as the Boudy Basket Club, have been promoting the 20-year-old artist for several weeks. And almost every Saturday, a public broadcast was organized, either in the basketball hall or in the theater located behind the school. It is also in this place that a big party will be organized on the evening of the final.

Posters with Louis pinned at the municipal school.
DDM – Valentin Vié

“The” bonus “starts at 10 p.m. It’s a shame, it’s a little late. We hope to have people anyway”, confides the first magistrate. For a week, the inhabitants of Boudy-de-Beauregard have been stamping their feet with impatience and preparing for this television evening, which could be historic for the small town. “We organized a small party this week to prepare t-shirts and signs that we will give to Louis’ parents to display in the audience of the show”, explains Isabelle Andrac.

In the village, Louis is unanimous. All are seduced by his personality, his attitude and his talent. “I adore him, says Rolande, 84. I watch the show every Saturday. Louis sings very well and he has made a lot of progress. He may be a little shy, but I think it’s a quality For me, he’s already won Star Academy.”

“The Winner of Our Hearts”

“I haven’t watched all the time but I’m happy for him that he’s had such a good run. I wish him good luck for the final,” exclaims Mieke, a Dutch woman living in the Lot-et commune. -Garonne.

Of the "come on louis" on the school windows.

“Allez Louis” on the school windows.
DDM – Valentin Vié

“Louis is appreciated by the elderly and young people alike in Boudy-de-Beauregard, smiles the city councilor, who knows the parents of the finalist of the “Starac” well. I am the mother of a teenage girl who is a fan and, with her friends, they are fully behind him. “
And whatever the result of the final, the town hall and the associations of the village have planned to prepare a big party for him when the little prodigy will be back on his land. “We are all proud of him. Victory or not, he has already won through his progress, launches Isabelle Andrac. He is the winner of our hearts. And what is great is that he has not changed This is the young man the village knows that we see on TV.”

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