Stade Toulousain - Racing: upset by their defeat in Pau, the Toulousains intend to react this Saturday evening

Stade Toulousain – Racing: upset by their defeat in Pau, the Toulousains intend to react this Saturday evening

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Absolutely not amnesiac about the last coming of the Ile-de-France residents but above all upset by their non-match in Béarn, the “Red and Black” do not hide their intention to react, this Saturday, September 24 against the Ile-de-France, for the fourth day of Top 14.

Be careful, the Stadium is afraid… Much more obviously than a week ago in Pau if we are to believe Peato Mauvaka. “It had turned around a lot but I think that if we had played Racing or La Rochelle with this same team, we would not have prepared in the same way, admits the hooker when returning to the Hameau debacle. in Pau without being afraid, we did not respect them and we took the price.”

During, with the key to a first setback this season (16-26), and after, quite logically. “With the week that we have spent and the speeches of Ugo (Mola) since Monday, I hope that we will have a good match this weekend”, resumed the international with a smile as embarrassed as it is evocative.

“A complex sport, simple ingredients”

Although we are only on the third day, it is indeed very difficult to tolerate what is for the time being a simple accident.

Because after having warned his troops well about the danger that awaited them in Béarn in view of recent case law, it must be recognized that the staff, whose strategy of rotating in anticipation of international periods has made pschitt – nothing allows for the time being to affirm that these four points lost compared to last year’s running chart will not be recovered during the duplicates -, had to miss a stage during the week.

“You shouldn’t look too far. It’s certainly a lack of preparation. Yet the speech seemed clear to us, but perhaps we weren’t clear enough, admits Laurent Thuéry. It’s a very complex sport. where you have to put simple ingredients that we can’t afford to overuse.” The defense coach thus evokes “a lack of enthusiasm, energy and commitment”.

Power deficit in midfield

One can easily imagine that Walloon should be the scene of a reaction tonight from the “Red and Black”, eaten in the fight in Pau. But also orphans in their three-quarter line of an anchor point capable of advancing them in the middle of the field. Because having legs to sweep the width indefinitely in this kind of context where the opposing defense suffocates you by the pressure it exerts is sometimes useless.

While waiting for the exit of Pita Ahki’s infirmary and the return of the very fresh dad Pierre Fouyssac to recover solid guarantees in this area, it will therefore be necessary to find a more biting and dominating pack. All the more so during an evening announced as potentially wet where the battle should rage, with a melee advantage no doubt to be asserted.

“Racing came to win here last year (20-15, editor’s note) by making a big match in the fight and in the rucks”, remembers Mauvaka. “It is necessarily a scary team, capable of crossing the field, we have been warned. And we especially remember that they came to win here last year, there was no debate, adds Thuéry. It will take a big commitment, but not only: a lot of discipline, control, enthusiasm and energy in the game that we want to offer. There is no need to panic, you have to be serious and give all the means to be the best performer at the weekend. Afterwards, it doesn’t matter who is on the pitch at the weekend.”

In view of the group aligned despite the myriad of absent executives, in place of Racing, we would also tremble a little bit. A pissed off Toulouse man is usually worth two…

The trend: Toulouse 54% – Racing 46%

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