Stade Toulousain: Joshua Brennan, the good year to break through

Stade Toulousain: Joshua Brennan, the good year to break through

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Departures not replaced, probable selection of Flament: everything is in place this season to allow Joshua Brennan (20) to gain playing time in order to take a step forward.

The opportunity is beautiful. With the non-replaced departures of Rory Arnold and Iosefa Tekori, as well as the probable call-up to the Blues of Thibaud Flament, Joshua Brennan benefits this season from a rather wide shooting window to assert himself within the Toulouse second line after having so far grabbed crumbs (15 appearances on the bench since December 2020).

A lack of recruitment necessarily appreciated by the former international under 20. “I felt that the coaches had confidence in me, I was very happy,” he agrees with reserve, not yet as comfortable in front of the microphones as in the heart of the rucks.

Since the resumption, the son of Trevor, who “always has a say after the matches” and whose heir to the Stadium “listens to all his advice”, is therefore committed to “try as much as possible to fill in the holes” left by two very important elements in the “red and black” collective.

Present on the first three match sheets of the season, he has already taken a step forward by finally experiencing the thrill of a tenure, against Toulon then at Pau last Saturday: “It’s something I was waiting for and I’m very happy. The preparation is the same because a match remains a match but I just told myself that I was going to play more than last year, that I was going to do more than 40 minutes. »

Recovery, the key to hatching

After spending months in development, the time has come to reap the first benefits of the accumulated land work. Because for the second line, the challenge of this exercise will lie in its ability to support the sequence of matches.

“He is on the way, he has been training with us for a very long time, with hard training that he is coping with better and better and that is necessarily seen on the ground, evokes Laurent Thuéry about him. He is reaching physical maturity in a position that is tough. He has to be very attentive to his recovery to be able to string together performances because the seasons are long. But we are here to support it. »

It must be recognized that when making a fourth appearance in a row, tomorrow against Racing 92, Brennan did not disappoint. “We are counting on him a lot, continues the defense coach. He is a young player capable of standing up and moving forward with the ball and so far, between friendlies and the first days of the Top 14, he has responded with his natural qualities in commitment, his activity and his move. He necessarily needs to work on all the palettes of his game, but with experience in everything that is conquest, especially the touch, he will certainly take on more and more weight and responsibilities. We are very happy with him and we will need, like other players in this position, a great Josh Brennan this year if we want to see a nice Stade Toulousain. »

Suffice to say that after the pale collective performance delivered in Béarn in terms of commitment, the one who returned “frustrated” from the Hameau will have tomorrow, like his teammates, a lot of things to be forgiven. Described by Peato Mauvaka as a player who “likes combat, aggressive”, he should find in an Ernest-Wallon announced to be very wet one of the most favorable contexts to achieve this.

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