Solz is clear about the €200 billion package:

Solz is clear about the €200 billion package: “We are financially strong and we can do it” |

The German’s plan caused numbness in European capitals

Olaf Solz had announced a plan of 200 billion. euros in order to help citizens and businesses, trying to minimize the effects of the energy crisis.

The scheme, which has been described as a “defensive shield”, aims to introduce emergency brakes on gas and electricity consumption.

But the plan has caused confusion in Brussels and other countries, both because of its size and its timing, a day before the leaders’ meeting

Officials have raised concerns that the multibillion-euro plan could have negative effects across borders and distort competition.

Soltz: Explained the 200 billion euro package to the European leaders

At the Prague summit, European leaders cleared up “misunderstandings” surrounding the 200 billion euro plan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed today, after Poland and other countries criticized Germany’s measures as “unfair”.

“I used this opportunity to explain the package to my counterparts and put it in the European context,” Solz told reporters after the informal meeting of EU leaders in Prague. “It was important and certainly helped clear up misunderstandings,” he added.

“With our decisions, we are moving within the same framework” as what other countries are doing, he insisted. What Germany is doing is right, “we are economically strong and we can do it,” he continued, saying other countries such as Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands have similar programs.

“I am sure that everyone knows that such measures are necessary and should be taken everywhere,” the German chancellor emphasized.

He also commented that much of the Recovery Fund money has not been spent and “we will have to look at what options we have”.

Referring to the ceiling on the price of natural gas, he said it is important that prices fall and “only together we will be able to deal with this problem”. He also pointed out that Europe needs long-term contracts with many different suppliers. “We all agree that the price of gas is too high” and Brussels should discuss with Norway, the US and other supplier countries how to bring it down, he added.

On the war in Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz said that Germany “will make a significant contribution” to the European training program for Ukrainian soldiers. The October 25 meeting in Berlin will discuss measures on how to support Ukraine, whose post-war reconstruction will take “a generation,” he said.

He also warned against the use of nuclear weapons, which he called “unacceptable”, while he also wanted to send a clear message to Russia: “European countries stand steadfastly by Ukraine’s side. We will continue to support Ukraine in defending its national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he stressed, reiterating that Europe will never recognize the “illegal annexations” of Ukrainian territory after last month’s controversial referendums. “For us, these fake referendums are as unborn,” he said.

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