Sham referendums: Kremlin wants to annex Ukrainian territories quickly - WELT

Sham referendums: Kremlin wants to annex Ukrainian territories quickly – Newsicon

abroad mock referendums

Kremlin wants to quickly annex Ukrainian territories

Launch mock referendums in occupied territory in eastern Ukraine

In the Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine, “referendums” on annexation by Russia begin. The separatist areas in the Donbass and the Cherson and Zaporizhia regions are affected.

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Despite strong criticism, votes on joining Russia have started in the Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine. The “referendums” are scheduled to run until Tuesday. Moscow is already expecting a yes and is calling for a speedy annexation.

Dhe Kremlin is assuming that the sham referendums in the occupied Ukrainian territories will be yes for accession to Russia and has announced rapid annexation of the territories. The procedure for including the regions could be quick, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday, according to Russian news agencies. At the same time, he stressed that attempts by Ukraine to take back the areas would then be interpreted as an attack on the Russian Federation. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin had already declared that he would defend the areas with all means.

A man casts his ballot in a makeshift shelter in the Luhansk region, an area controlled by Russia

Source: dpa/Uncredited

Hundreds of thousands of people have until September 27 to cast their votes

Hundreds of thousands of people have until September 27 to cast their votes

Source: dpa/Uncredited

“First of all, we assume that security is guaranteed for the appropriate level of holding referendums,” said Peskov. The sham votes, which were not recognized by the West and Ukraine, started in the morning in the Russian-held parts of the Dontsek, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. The people there have until Tuesday to decide whether they are for or against joining the Russian Federation.

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Russia invokes the “right of self-determination of peoples”. Neither Ukraine nor the international community recognizes this vote under occupying Russia and armed forces. These are sham referendums because they are being held without Ukraine’s consent, under martial law and not according to democratic principles. Free work by international independent observers is also not possible.

At the same time, Kremlin spokesman Peskov made it clear that there is currently no basis for negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv. President Vladimir Putin said the Ukrainian government had dropped out of the talks and decided to settle the conflict on the “battlefield”. Putin reacted to this, said Peskov. Due to setbacks in his war of aggression against the country, the Kremlin chief had ordered partial mobilization this week in order to have more personnel for the fighting.

The current situation in Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine

Source: Infographic WORLD

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